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All works of Lente Scura are for sale only through the artist including NFTs. Any works that are not sold via the artist are illegal and not permissible by Lente Scura. Watermark added due to unauthorized and illegal creation of NFTs of artwork.

The Art of Lente Scura

Lente Scura is a digital artist who combines photo manipulation and painting techniques to create emotive digital paintings of subjects struggling with emotional states and dream-like environments. Lente Scura takes the viewer on an emotional journey through visually striking digital compositions. These compositions are filled with dramatic anguish and beauty, giving insight into the complexity of emotions of the subjects of each painting. The artist achieves this by focusing on how the human form emanates energy and motion through light, color, and atmospheric ambiguity. The result is a dream world that allows the artist to creates a vortex of haunting emotional landscapes, where the artist portrays the ranges of Humanity.

Lente Scura’s art has its roots in the classical painting of Italy, American painting of the mid-1800s, and the German Expressionism and Surrealism movements of the early to mid-1900s. Lente Scura works within these styles, allowing the artist to portray ethereal beauty and, at times, immense horror and anguish. This mixture of styles leans toward the dream quality of Lente Scura’s art. It allows the artist to depict the realm of dreams and all its hopes and fears and its endless struggle for voice and individuality.

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Till The Sky Falls Down (Extended Mix)

by Dash Berlin

Ibiza 2001-2011


La Corsa

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