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Battle on the Pyke (Robert and Ned)

From this part of book
...Lord Balon Greyjoy rose in rebellion against the Usurper, and Ned Stark called his banners to help his friend Robert. The final battle was on Pyke. When Robert's stonethrowers opened a breach in King Balon's wall...

All draw from my head.
Soon i'll show steps of drawing.
Full size here…

Hope you enjoy it)
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This piece of art always gave me chills looking at it
Robert may be a broken man. He may have lost his parents and the woman he loved. He may be alone and sick of life. 

But he'll be damned if he lets Ironborn Reavers threaten HIS People and Realm! The Old Ways of the Ironborn have no place in Westeros. 
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Wawww, this is awesome ! Nice work !
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damn, robert looks like sauron :D but i like it, he was ferocious in his youth
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Game of tthrones.....Puppet Bonnie's Existential Life Crisis (Chat Icon its amazingg
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Robert looks so... murderous. Your artwork is epic. Seriously.
Such a masterpiece.... 
Demon of the Trident

Even if this is Pyke that name has never been more appropriate.


You really captured the essence of Robert the warrior.
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Yeesh, you never would've thought that was the same drunk, fat king under that badass armor!
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Eddard Stark and his good friend, the Dark Lord Sauron, put Pyke to the torch (if they had it might have saved them a world of trouble in the long run....).
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Robert Baratheon wearing Daedric armor? he must have forged tons of iron daggers
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OMG Robert Baratheon! So damn scary! :heart:
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Everyone is all in love with Rhaegar.
Am i the only one that like Robert?
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Robert ruled! Rhaegar was a punk who abandoned his wife and kids.
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Amazing, i'm mesmerized. 
awesome. this is the first depiction of robert that i felt the title "demon of the trident" makes perfect sense. Very nicely done
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robert is fat.... 
KanePoe24's avatar
He gets fat later on. In his early years he wasn't.
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and Robert's like 'who wants to challenge me?!'

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