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with a side of kickass

By lenoki
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trade with my favourite :iconinkfall: :heart:

knocked this one on the head really quickly; if only i could get commissions done that fast D:

i'm going to apologise for two things:
1. the gun. oh dear god i hope i never have to draw another one ever again ToT i just can't do them. i fail. hard.
2. her feet/hooves.. yeah. just no. i can't draw them either xD

i really wanted to do this in my KP style, with lots of flat colour and only selective shading.. but it looked unfinished, i suppose because there's more detail in the linework than normal, so i just went in for the kill and shaded the lot.

anyway, i hope it's ok brie! i tried to make her look adelle-esque with the shape of her face, and the one expression thing.. i don't know if it worked though :B but she was a blast to paint!

refs: [link]
adelle is ~InkFall's
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Looks pretty good in the thumbnail though.

KP style?
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Oooh, but I love the feet/hooves! They're kick ass, as is the whole picture, but I loves them!

Fabulous job!! :love:
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aww shucks well thankyou! :smooch:
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Why crop out the tail? :(
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because i hate doing lineart for tails D: they always end up being all wobby and crap.
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but the 2 sections that are visible look fine :(

Anyways, aaaarrrrrtthoussse pl0x.
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that's because they're short. besides, i didn't crop the rest out, i never intended to draw the whole thing anyway.
now stop being a whingy baby D:
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mm mm lookat those hips :o damn girl ive always been amazed at how nice and crisp you always manage to make everything look :x i must say i am quite jealous, but you already know this! I think you did a superb job on the gun, so dont you worry your little face off :x you are amazing
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SHE LIVES!! :faint:
don't be jealous, i just draw everything MASSIVE and then resize it to be teeny weeny so that it looks neat :B
thankyou my darling, and i'm so glad you're back!
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I love love her outfit yay :D
Nice job on the foreshortening :D
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woooh, thankyou ardy my sweetness! :heart:
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No problem lena my awesomeness :D
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HOLY CRAAAAAP!! Swiftypants, you've outdone yourself! Firstly, the grey background- a Lena classic :XD: As always, the detailing just blows me away. And I love that her tail disappears into 'said' distance.. I definitely feel the urge to run back there and check it out now. The shading is absolutely beautiful, you got the pinks and purples in her skin tone down pat. Srsly, do NOT apologize for the gun, because even I haven't attempted to draw it from that angle. I designed her to be different ('original', if you will) as a challenge to myself and anyone else who tries to draw her.. and I say you did an exceptional job ^^ It's crazy how realistic she looks in your style, and- can't help- I LOVE how you do lips. Thank you so much for the trade, my love, because this is super fantastic! Soon as I'm settled back at school I'll jump on my half :heart:
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lol, phew! i was worried that i'd made her too purple and not white enough.
she was definately challenging, but the fun kind! except for the hooves, which kind of made me cry.. but it's ok because i shoved the tail in their and it hid one, so i was happy xD yay for lazy shortcuts! :w00t!:
thankYOU for the trade! seriously, this was the perfect cure for my boredom and i had a blast.
and take your time, like i said :) i had aaaaalllll day to myself to work on it, so i don't expect you to pump anything out that quickly. i'm just a freak is all :B
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Nah seriously, incredible job :D
Hit me up anytime you'd like a trade *loves on yew*
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fo sho i will! *smoochiepoo* xD
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Your lineart is so smooth and clean, THAT IS BADASS IN ITSELF. I like your colouring loads too, it's like cell-shading but ... not. ALSO I LIKE HOW HER TAIL FADES OFF INTO THE DISTANCE I really like effects like that hahaha.

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it is because things that fade off into the distance are mysterious and antisocial. so everyone wants to know what is going on back there that is so amazing to make said thing fade off into.. said distance.

and lol. my lineart is only clean at this resolution. at the real res it's all BLUEERRGGHHHHEVERYWHERE!!!!! *evilmonsterlineart*

thanks bra :peace:
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Lol aww she looks awesome! I think you did it all very well tbh! :clap:
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aww, thankyou! i was worried given all the strange anatomy and. guns. D:
but yay! :heart:
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Lol. Yes, I think it looks awesome! :heart:
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She looks like she could take me on...I would not mess with her!
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