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Through Lands Unknown

By lenoki
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stayed up till 1am to finish it, so now it feels like my eyes are bleeding, and to be honest with you i'm fairly positive that they are a little.

entry for kinokuniya's 2009 digital art prize..
ended up rushing it, as you can probably tell by the lower half and the dodgy footprints >_>

gave me so much trouble, i'm glad it's finished, though it would've been nice to get it done properly instead of taking lots of obvious shortcuts D:

i wanted the fabric to have more embroidery, and more gold coin trims, but time is a bitch and i ran out of it.
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What culture is this based on? Did you just make it up?
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Seems like a real guy lol :D
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This picture is freakin epic. ou are freakin epic.
i think i could never do suhc work XD
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WOW! This is so amazing! I wish my rushed stuff looked half as good as this! Heck...I wish my non-rushed stuff looked half as good as this! You are super talented! Keep up the awesome work!!!
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haha :heart: i only rushed it at the very end, so don't worry! the rest i took my sweet time on xD
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Haha good to know! It still looks amazing!
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you are incredible. marry me.
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Holy cow I"m inspired.
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could it be?? is it really GIDGE O: O:
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I heard about this competition, but never went to the exhibition. How did this entry go?
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got an honourable mention :) yayy for me!
haha.. you should've entered!
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she's STUNNING. I adore this painting. ALL your paintings. They're so smooth, so realistic. I want them all over my walls. I want them to be as real as they almost are.
AGTFHGAHSDF! I love the materials, you're very good at painting different sorts of fabric.
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thankyou! xD
trust me, i want them to be just as real haha. THEN WE COULD ALL GO OUT FOR ICECREAM! :dance:
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Like someone said before, why doesn't this have thousands of faves. it's freaking incredible.
No. YOU are freaking incredible. Your whole gallery is. Great job.
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hahaha thankyou! i seriously appreciate that :hug:
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i really dont understand DA! this is such an amazing painting it should have 5000 favs and more!!!
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haha :D well thankyou! i really appreciate you saying so :smooch:
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god ;; this is amazing.
So soft and detailed,and perfect :heart:
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naww, thanks! i really appreciate you saying so :heart:
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Youre an amazing artist ;^;
i wish i had your realistic skills <3
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