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–verb (used with object), -fied, -fy·ing.
1. to make a god of; exalt to the rank of a deity; personify as a deity: to deify a beloved king.
2. to adore or regard as a deity: to deify wealth.

finally finished this one, i don't know if you all remember the wip i had posted for like 2058230 months.

i can't really tell you all that much about this piece without giving away vital headworld information, which would be mutiny, so... instead, here is Amelae'in deified. there's a whole lot of symbolism as well that i'm not going to go into.. haha.

just enjoy the pretty.

ref'd a picture of jennifer connelly (so much love) for the pose and outfit.
skirt from [link]
hand from [link]
and the beautiful marble stock from [link]

OH and i really can't think of a title D: help??

DETAILS: [link]

(c) eawatson 2008
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Her outfit and overall composition is amazing.... her face seems a little absent, though... but the details are breathtaking!!! I love the branches type of things on her chest...
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thankyou :D she's a rather traumatized character, so she's meant to look vague and withdrawn, so an absent face is great haha! :heart:
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I still can't believe this picture man.
You're a psychopath.

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GOSH i'm sorry. here, i will cut off my ear and send it to you as penance :heart:
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THANK you. :(

*covets lena ear* LOLOLOMGIGOTIT!!
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anytime baby :flirty:
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hahahaha but REALLY omg.
jdfldkgh gosh the folds in the dress.. are just genius. so perfect and flowy and aaaahhh it looks like satiny. MGNGNHH I honestly don't know how to describe how perfect this is. I can't get over the dress, first of all, AND THEN.. THE FACE AND THOSE HANDS it's all so realistic and I.. uhgnnh.

....... oyyyy you're amazing.
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(i am exceptionally proud of your correct use of fair dinkum!)

the dress probably took the longest time, so it makes me happy that so many people have been commenting on it :D especially since it's actually 2 parts of 2 different dresses that i, like.. had to combine in a way that wasn't obvious o__o so yay!
haha and the hands too xD i was worried that they wouldn't look good since i had to paint them with a completely different lighting and colourscheme to the ref. THIS TESTED ALL MY SKILLZOMG.

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this is so beautiful I am displaying it my journal, if that is ok with you. :)
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thankyou, i'm honoured :)
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you're welcome :)
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Oh my goodness, those colours! It's just so pleasing to the eye. Everything about this is simply wonderful. Definitely a well deserved daily deviation :)
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:D thankkkyoouuu!! :smooch:
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DAMN. ur good dude! keep em coming..
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those folds are absolutely stunning!
very much deserving of the daily deviation =)
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aww well thankyou! i appreciate it :D
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So beautiful and peaceful, I love it!!!
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yay thanks! :heart:
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