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part II!
part I is here: [link]

all done!

again, if you need any help or have any questions i'll gladly try my best to give you a hand :)

and if you do make yourself a book, let me know so i can have a look :D
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Following on from my previous comment on part one of this tutorial, I would like to feature this too if possible....?

A fantastic tutorial, thanks for taking the time out to create it.

I was wondering whether you might give me permission to reproduce your post on my bookbinding tutorial website iBookBinding (www.ibookbinding.com)? I will give full credits to yourself and link back to this page or any other you request.

There are many fantastic tutorials on the internet about bookbinding but it seems that few bookbinders use Deviant Art (at least from from what I know based on conversations with many bookbinders) and as such, resources like this are missed by many which I think is a real shame.

If you would allow me to do this I would be extremely grateful,

Kind Regards,
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Not sure if you still are interested, but I used your tutorial to make my first book :) cjkitty12.deviantart.com/art/H…
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used both parts but had no thread or needles on hand, instead used an idea i'd come across in another tutorial (which didnt work out as well other than the one step). instead of stitching the folios together i stapled each folio 3 times on the crease and then clamping them together, tightly, i glued them together. worked out great and all the pages are usable. I'm posting a couple pics of the final piece as well as a link to your tutorial :) thanks for the detailed instructions
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Really good tutorial, makes it look a lot less complicated than one may expect it would be, I'm going to try that :D
I have a question, though (I hope you still answer those): If you want to write something in your book, is it better to write it on the pages and tie them together, or it's better to bind the whole book first, and then fill it in with text?
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Definitely bind the book first, and THEN write in it - this way you avoid the (often unavoidable) OH-SHIT-I-JUST-SEWED-HALF-MY-BOOK-IN-UPSIDEDOWN-AND-ONLY-NOTICED-AFTER-I'VE-GLUED-IT-THAT-WAY problem ;)
Without writing, when you make this mistake it's called 'rustic and handmade'. With writing, it's called being an incredible dipshit. And I can say this because I've done it many a time.

Also, if you write first and bind later, you may find some of your writing gets lots in the spine if you bind it too tight, so you risk not being able to read the first word of every line.

Hope that helps :) Happy binding!
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Thank you, that helps a lot! :hug:
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You have been featured here: [link]
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Hi there, your stock has been featured here: [link] Hope you don't mind :happybounce:
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With this particular design, does the book come out of its cover easily?
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Not unless you rip it out.. It's a fixed cover, it's glued onto the signatures.
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I've tried it on reconmanding from my friend, and if you like you can see the result on my deviantart page. I liked by the way your tutorial, it was very clear and very good to follow!!!! And the Japannese paper is stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Don't judge me on my english, it's crap lately.)
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this is really amazing! thanks for making it!
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Great tutorial! Thanks for it it will be very (VERY) helpfull.
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This is really a fantastic tutorial. Very clear and easy to follow, and I love the detailed pictures for every step. I'm seriously going to have to try this out, but for now, it's quite fun to read and follow along. :D
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First, I adore your name! ^-^
Second, This is amazing! I've always wanted to make my own books, but I never knew how, or if it was even possible.
Third, I am definitely going to use this one day. ^-^
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both part one and part two helped me so much, thank you for explaining it all so in depth!!!. i really wanted to make a little sketchbook type thing, and with this i made one in only a few hours! again thank you!
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Great tutorial!
Is card stock bendable enough that it can be used for the spine instead of leather?
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i wouldn't think so... not unless you tried something like soaking it till it's soft, shaping it on something and then letting it dry?? haven't tried it myself, but that's how i'd attack it so thaat it wouldn't crack or crease.. only thing though is it wouldn't stay round, it would definately get bent over time.
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Okay, thanks.
I was trying to avoid buying leather (mostly because it's expensive and I prefer to work with faux leather, which I can't find at my craft store).
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if the book is small enough you can just do the spine AND cover with a continuous piece of paper... as in there's no difference, the cover paper just wraps around the whole book. but you'll probably need to reinforce the inside of the spine with something- cardstock, like you wanted to use in the first place :) just a little strip a tad thinner than the spine glued in to provide some stability if the cover paper is thin.
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I'm afraid I tried that x.x I couldn't find any paper bigger than a 12x12 and my book is bigger than that.
I might have to use suede for the spine. Unfortunately, that's a little hard to come by x.x Especially if you're looking for the fake stuff.
Thanks for the advice :)
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brilliant tutorial :D
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