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EDIT: since people are apparently having trouble (lol), you need to DOWNLOAD this tutorial to see the full view. come on guys xD

part II: [link]


ok so like i said, i've been working on a book binding tutorial, since i know that i would've been so grateful for something like this back when i didn't have a clue how to make a book but really wanted too :D

this took me all day, so i hope it's helpful, and i hope you can understand what i'm going on about xD some parts were really difficult to explain in writing...
and it includes all my secrets, so i hope those of you who do give it a go appreciate it!

obviously this is only part I, and it includes making your covers and inside pages. hopefully i'll be able to put more work into finishing it tomorrow, otherwise i won't be able to get the rest up till after christmas and you'll all be stuck with half a book lol!

this is going to be the same style of book as this one: [link]
in case you were interested in having a look at what it will look like when it's done :)

ANYWAY. if you do take a stab at bookmaking and you use my tutorial give me a shout, i'd love to see how you do!

and if there are any questions so far, post them here and i'll gladly answer them if i can ;)
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OH wow, this looks like fun! I'll have to give this a try! (I tried bookbinding once a few years ago. The book is still in one piece, but it's hard to open and close. xD)
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A fantastic tutorial, thanks for taking the time out to create it!

I was wondering whether you might give me permission to reproduce your post on my bookbinding tutorial website iBookBinding (www.ibookbinding.com)? I will give full credits to yourself and link back to this page or any other you request.

There are many fantastic tutorials on the internet about bookbinding but it seems that few bookbinders use Deviant Art (at least from from what I know based on conversations with many bookbinders) and as such, resources like this are missed by many which I think is a real shame.

If you would allow me to do this I would be extremely grateful,

Kind Regards,
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wow! This is awesome!
I have a little question! :3 

Would this still work even if I am not using folded paper? (I mean, If i just want to sew pages together that are not folded, let's say, A4 sizes. Or shall I get A3 and fold them?)

I need to print some works and then make a book out of them; but calculating the space that needs to be left on the inside for anything that needs to be read afterwards is really hard!)
Any suggestions? ;w;

Thank you! Wonderful tutorial <3 
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Not this technique - you need the seem in the middle of the two pages in order to sew them together. It's possible to bind individual sheets without folding them, but it's a lot harder and involves a longer process that's much more tedious!

You shouldn't need to leave a particularly large space! Because it's a hand bound book it's never going to be as tight as a normal machine-bound one like in the shops, so it's easier to open the pages and as a result you see almost 100% of the paper. You'd only need to leave something like 5mm on the inside edges to be extra safe. Best thing to do is to bind a test book first ;) Which I recommend anyway for anything even semi professional or as something you plan to show to other people, because usually the first time you make something there's always going to be mistakes (unless you magically fluke your way through without a single hiccup), whereas the more practice you have the more you'll be able to use your intuition with things like placement of content and binding tightness etc.
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Sure! It makes sense haha I should really practice some (several) times before doing this to show others (usually I suck doing manual things like this, but I hope I can manage!)!
Looks like fun, though! Thanks for replying! :3
I'll see my way around the tedious process, or just see how I can manage with single pages ;w;
Thank you! And awesome tutorial btw <3 
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Great tutorial, but i'm not finished my book for now. folding all these sheets stressed me a little bit -.- :D
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Keep trying! :)
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Great tutorial, used it here: [link]
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Thanks for sharing this great tutorial, it's super helpful! It has been featured here, together with part 2 :)
And congrats on the DD, it's well deserved!
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You have been featured here: [link]
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I'm going to start making books in the new year, and this is a fabulous tutorial! Thankyou!
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Thank you for this tutorial! My writer's club is selling books of great pieces, and this will certainly be a cheaper way to do it!
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this is aWESOMEEEE!
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This tutorial is so handy! Thank you for taking the time to make this tutorial. :D Will definitely try this out one day. :)
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I used both of your lovely book making tutorials to make two books: [link]
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I would love to make my own book using your tutorial, but the writing is to small foe me to read and when I try to zoom in, the words become fuzzy. What should I do.
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as i wrote in my description, you need to download the full version. on the right side of the page under the tutorial there's a link. if you can't find it, ctrl + f and type in "Download Image" and it will show you where it is on the page.
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Oh, okay, thank you.
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click "download" :)
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Oh, okay, thank you.
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This is something I have always wanted to learn. I'll be faving this for later use!
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I always wanted to learn how to bind books but thought it was too hard. Your instructions make it look simple. Thanks
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this is so cool!
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um...if I download this will I be able to read the text?
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