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By Lennylein
My personal OC Predator Character

in my opinion, the female Predators don't get the attention they deserve.
so i have to draw them, i just had to !

this character has no name yet, buuuut she will get one ... definitively.
i just have not decided jet XD

This Shepredator is hunting some freaky marine guys ... but she looks worried, 'cause her camouflage suit is broken, or she has lost it whatever, imagie yourself! XD

okay, i hope you like this pic, it's A4 and done with some markers, aquarelle and crayons. and "Glitter Pens" for the silver, golden and bronzen effects on her armor. ;)

art (c) by :iconlennylein:
Predators (c) by.... uh shit i dunno who had created 'em ARGGH! XD

I just noticed I'm good at drawing big boobs :rofl:
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© 2010 - 2021 Lennylein
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This is quite unique being a female predator
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>the female Predators don't get the attention they deserve. 
Not the fact that they exist. But if they exist, they are unlikely to look so much like a female human. This is bullshit. Not serious.
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Naja ich hätte auch Angst wenn jemand mich mit Shotgun und ner Waffe mit BETA-C (sieht aus als hätte die Waffe eins) Magazin verfolgen würde.
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wtf every pic i click on your fucking here
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What ? I wasn't in Deviantart for 2 months; WTF are you talking about ?   Yao Ming Meme plz 

I only yesterday started to enter deviantart; and re-change my favourites section of Deviantart
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musta just been a coincidence
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Sexy!! xD I also did a version of predator girl, look at her plz >3<!!! Bunny Emoji-39 (Really) [V3] 
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Dang, somuch detail in the pic itself. Awesome job
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If you plan on continuing this character(if you haven't already)then I feel compelled to tell you that  :sherlock: female Yautja are known to be far larger than tha male counterparts seen in most(ALL/EVERY)Predator movie(s)released to this day!
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its not every day you find female Yautja on this site but beautifully done =)
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Nice work :D She's very sexy!
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that is realy good
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thanks glad you think so
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really to like it hope to see more like it
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Impressive drawing. Must have been hard to draw such fine details of the Shepredator. Hats off to you, miss.

Hope you don't mind me putting a shorty here:

She saw him coming, the prey that broke her camo suit and subdued her in melee. After 19 kills, she found a worthy male to bring back to her home and finally settle down. But tradition prevents her from taking him by force. He must be persuaded to follow her to her ship by his own will. The problem is communication. She don't know Earth language. That leaves only one language left, something she learnt from observing Earth warriors in their private time.

"Please... come here...", she says as she poses...


Tarkus was still shivering from the close encounter. He thought he was going to die from the predator's Kamikaze attack. Turns out it was only a flashbang. Curiosity commands him to give chase.

"Damn, my binocular's broken." Jack turns to him. "Tarkus, what do you see?"

"I see..." The alien had a rather feminine figure, standing on smooth legs, the alien sways its hind-side almost hypnotically. He looks up at the mounds on its chest and surprised he didn't noticed it before. His heart races when he realize it was looking directly back at him, through his binocular. Biting its fingers, the alien looks seductively submissive.

His reason warns that something is off, but his primal desires concluded its meaning...
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It may seem weird but, to be honest I would tap that... even with those fangs, don't worry babe i got a spare cloaking device for ya. maybe a spear if ya need one ;)....

okay maybe I'm going a bit to far with this I'm getting outta here :sprint:
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okay maybe you should ask her for a date.
glad you like it and her design anyway.
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