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Hyper-sleek Magnesium interface with Boron elements!

* -NEW- Magnesium³ visualstyle
* -NEW- Magnesium³ Winamp skins by MattO
* Magnesium³ shellstyle icons by Sascha Höhne (www.rad-e8.com)

* Magnesium & Magnesium² styles.
* Bitstream Vera 8, Verdana 8 & Linotype Frutiger 8 font versions.
* Normal & Compact startmenu versions.
* Yz Dock background.
* Extra startbuttons & startbutton PSD.



The Magnesium³ shellstyle uses the fantastic MINIUM icons by Sascha Höhne (www.rad-e8.com) and permission has been given.
The new style was actually motivated by the release of this iconset =)

The Winamp skins were made by MattO - superb style and a fast winamp skinner =)


update 1.3
* ADDED The Magnesium³ styles.
* ADDED Magnesium³ Winamp skins.
* CHANGED Verdana, size 7 to Bitstream Vera, size 8 version.
* CHANGED Tahoma, size 8 to Linotype Frutiger, size 8 version.

update 1.2
* ADDED The Magnesium² styles.
* CHANGED Lucida Grande version to a Verdana, size 7 version.

update 1.1
* FIXED toolbar content cut-off bug.
* CHANGED style to contain both versions in same file.


To use this visual style you need StyleXP ([link]) or Neowin UXTheme Multi-Patcher v2.5.1([link])

Bitstream Vera fonts are freely available here ([link])
© 2004 - 2020 lennard
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The Linotype Frutiger required font, is the "NEXT"? (are many frutiger fonts, I don´t know which to choose.)

GREAT VS!!!. Using forever.
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Hi, very good gallery ;)
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Thanks so much!
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Hi Lennard!
Could you make a grey-buttoned version of Magnesium3? I know, TiSkin has grey buttons, but I think Metallurgy is softer and better. ;)
Metallurgy is more suitable for every day use.
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That would kindda break the theme, but you are always welcome to play around with it yourself ;)
mester's avatar
Okay... :(
I would do it, if I could do it.
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Stylebuilder has a recolor tool that makes this much easier ;)
mester's avatar
Thanks! I'll try it.
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Congratulations! Good work!
I like the black buttons.
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With the updates this remains one of my all time +favourite styles. It continues to have that professional feel to it and is possibly the only "complete" style of its kind. So many have attempted "metal" styles.. but not one has come close to this quality.

Exceptional ..

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Very beautiful VS! You definitively deserve a fav+
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Cool update to the theme :thumbsup:
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Woaa Sexy update! Love the new start button.
RiGhTuShOoK's avatar
i like this man, great job
AnjelicPheer's avatar
Nice one! I am a gona play with it now :D
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Add me to that list of people with this as default VS. It's awesome. Smooth as hell. Great job. Honestly, you make styles that are exactly what I want.
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Thanks, also for the :+fav: :)
ncus's avatar
MY Default VS !!!
lennard's avatar
Funny enough, it's mine too :P
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Great work on this lennard...I love metal based themes! :D

Cheers, Steve
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very nice lennard
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