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happy birthday~!
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is the big chili dog real?
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Chilidog minnan minnan i want it please soniku~♡
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Speed the Hedgehog (AKA my lame ass female sonic version OC thingy) Gimme the chili dog! Its mine! *chases after Sonic*

Sonic: Nope! *speeds a little bit faster*

Speed the Hedgehog: *growls, and runs a tiny bit faster and snatches*
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Cool it looks comfy....
DarkKirbyOfTheStars's avatar
Sonic is swimming in chili dogs! Too bad he'll drown in 5 seconds
RoseDuelistBBSHM's avatar
That is exactly the kind of BEAN bag SONIC would have in his house! XD
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Sonic: You gotta catch me first.
Me: Never mind. I'll go buy one from that random, low-quality stand over there. *grumbles*
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I didin't know he liked hotdogs? XD
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Lol, a chilidog pillow, that's really cute
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I thought it was a penis. But that's just my dirty id mind.
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I knew it was a Chillidog... But i want 2 think it's a penis.
But that's just my dirty mind...
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That's... *snrk* That's one big weiner.
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* _ * ) ohhh yes
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I thought that was a pillow :P
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Chilli dogs... :P That's one huge chilli dog, oh, it's a bed/sofa? awesome? xD
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Chilly Dogs woo hoo! :D
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ChiliDog SOfa! :iconilavplz: !! :heart: xD .:heart:
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HAHA! chilidawg couch!
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Is that couch a....chillidog? 

Im hungwy now... :,(
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Nothing's like a chilly-dog! 
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