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Yi Suchong

Bioshock fanart

I know, i was saying that Jasmine Jolene will be the last. But... i'm stuck in Rapture and it's so hard to get out of here:D >.<

Yi Suchong was really a sick monster. The others were sick because of money, fame, science, ADAM etc. but Suchong...well...
(audiodiary: [link] )

I have one question: I'm drawing Fontaine and Atlas fanarts right now and i want use phrase "would you kindly". It is Fontaine phrase but he uses this mostly as Atlas. So... for which one should i use it? For Fontaine or Atlas?

Julie Langford [link]
Brigid Tenenbaum [link]
Jasmine Jolene [link]
Sander Cohen [link]
Andrew Ryan [link]
Dr. Steinman [link]
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I hate that guy.
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ugh. I hated this guy so much after hearing that audio diary. (not that I liked him before.) I was so happy and I'm pretty sure I laughed like a crazy person when I saw how he died. (yeah, I guess that sounds bad, but look at that guy! He deserved worse.) 
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He got what he deserved 
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Everyone in bioshock is messed up in some way. Stienman had his Aphrodite hallucinations well before ADAM even existed and Frank Fontaine is a sociopath. I personally think Suchong was one of the more sane people in rapture. Suchong simply did what he had to do in order to get paid and advance science. 
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I am happy he died that evil bastard. Who'd kill a dog STITCH LLORA 
SuperNormalMan's avatar
Creepy little bastard got what was coming to him, that's for sure.
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Not the puppy! :(
extremespeeds's avatar
I hate this guy.... I really do...
TheWildWestPyro's avatar
He paid via Delta's Drill.
Lord-Kothless's avatar
Oh God, this man scared the fuck out of me.
Nanashione's avatar
Everyone thinks he's German because of his accent
Vinagewritess's avatar
I cried when I listen to that :'( But, he shall die!!
Wait, never mind ^-^ bigger daddy did for us all.
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I don't feel shit for him! He deserved what rapture gave him! :iconnotbadplz:
Vinagewritess's avatar
Nooooo, why do you say that!
Myredhulk's avatar
Well, if the big daddy hadn't killed him, I would have!
Suchong was an asshole!
Vinagewritess's avatar
That is true, Suchhong is and asshole, and still is!
DutchessDeath's avatar
I was sad I didn't get to murder him :I
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Subject Delta did that for if you play the technically did kill him?
DutchessDeath's avatar
Actually, Delta DID kill him, before the start of BioShock 2. He saw Suchong hit her and then he died... Not sure where I found his body, but it was there O:
So technically yes xD
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Yeah, you find the audio diary on the body of Suchong, which is jammed into a table via detached drill.
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That's what I meant. :P
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Aw, poor puppy :(

I would use: "Would you kindly?" for Atlas, "Code YELLOW" for Fontaine...
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