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Smile! Smile!

Another evening sketch of Sander Cohen from BioShock (some younger version, i guess:D) .....hmm, awkward, i should do something original instead :/.

I have that feeling, when you must to draw something again and again, because it's still not IT. And this still doesn't look like Cohen.
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Like a reflection in blood...

Legacy of CohenSander
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Excellent work with the painting style. Cohen was creepy as all hell, especially when we realize that his statues are really corpses...
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He may be pretty evil, but he's one of the few people in Bioshock 1 I like. Also, nice one with the way you posed the different bunny/splicer statues, like they're dancing around him.
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Mesmerizing.Thank you for drawing this *__*
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SANDER COHEN: "Beautiful isn't it?"
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Stunning!! Looks JUST like Cohen, perhaps a little younger than when we met him in the game, but still - you nailed it. You captured his essence superbly well, and the splicer statues are just as hauntingly beautiful in your sketch as they are in the game. Bravo!
What do we say to all those doubters, Mr Cohen?
Oh, little moth, how can I have missed your creations? Yours is the finest Bioshock fanart I have seen:)
Also, his Statue Henchmen made Fort Frolic into the most dangerous, terrifying and thrilling area in all of Rapture.
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Your Bioshock fanarts are the best thing I could've found
Now excuse me while I go favving too many of them
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I want to take the ears off
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Good gosh. YOu really don't see too much Sander Cohen fanart. This is beautiful. I hope to see more of him in your style one day. ;3;
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Wow! this is very beautiful!
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omg! you are the best drawer i have ever seen! i will love your art forever!
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Wow this is absolutley brilliant! I think he looks a lot like Cohen and in my opinion you captured his essence. You know, he is this arrogant, narcissistic, crazy artist. I mean, the way you put all this sculptures around him already indicates this. And their postures really look cool. I like your style a lot. Keep up that good work :D
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best achievement was taking a picture of him after he was dead.
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It's a wonderful masterpiece, or quartic if you prefer that :D, my only criticism is just how around his neck it makes it look like he's got really dark, disfigured skin compared to his face. It just LOOKS like it I mean.

...Or I'm just being a critic, but even still I think this looks like an amazing Cohen concept.
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Yes, you're right, it looks weird (i should choose another color at least...or learn how to draw drapery:D)
Thank you!:D
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Your the meantime
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