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Sander Cohen

...but I can't! It's my curse! It's my fucking curse! I want to take the ears off! Please! Take them off! Please!
and finally - my first favourite character in Bioshock - Sander F***ing Cohen.

(I don't like his head here, but is too late for redraw it >.<)

Dr. Steinman fanart: [link]
Andrew Ryan fanart: [link]
Jasmine Jolene [link]
Brigid Tenenbaum [link]
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Sander Cohen is easily one of the three favourite characters in the entire franchise, with the best level in the entire franchise in fact. 
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Easily one of my favorite characters in Bioshock. His insanity made Fort Frolic my favorite part of the game besides Hephaestus.
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I always liked how Sander was basically insane Dali.
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This is amazing :D
He looks so nervous and creepy at the same time. I like how he's still trying to look fancy while he's effing nuts. Nice background shadow!
I think he creeped me out more than Steinman did when I played Bioshock. 
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You want to take the ears off?  You should go see Steinman.

...Oh, wait, you can't.  I already wasted his ugly ass.

And things aren't looking too good for you, either...
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haha i love your work, and i see we have similar references so i think it means just one thing ...

You're cool 
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Your work is amazing! But I wanted to know; what technique do you use for coloring your drawing? :) (Sorry for my bad english, I'm french)
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"Patience, young Fitzpatrick!"
*Piano explodes*
Me: Darn. His masterpiece sounded good!
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Oh man, your art is incredible! With out a doubt, Cohen rivals Steinman as my favorite character, probably more so since he helps you and you can avoid killing him. And I think you did a splendid job on his head and over use of stage makeup.
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"Fly little moth! Fly!"
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his mind is his cures and also his insanety

i love the way its made
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yes, i see now why people wanna purchase a print :D
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SWEEETHOLY- This has made my night. INcredible piece of Cohen.
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:iconmotherofgodplz: Dhat cool...
This guy was nuts! Holy crow! :fear:
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Nice. I like how his shadow has the ears, but he's not wearing the mask!
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Skvely, stejne jako cela serie tehlech obrazku! to jde do fav.
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Awesome! I love how you used his shadow :]
HezAZombieMofo's avatar
Hauntingly beautiful.
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You did a marvelous job, little moth. :D
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