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Rapture's Best and Brightest

Bioshock fanart

It is accomplished!

That's the last spamming with this series. I just put them all together (you know, gotta catch em all! :3)

Big Daddy [link]
Jack [link]
Atlas [link]
Frank Fontaine: [link]
Yi Suchong [link]
Julie Langford [link]
Brigid Tenenbaum [link]
Jasmine Jolene [link]
Sander Cohen [link]
Andrew Ryan [link]
Dr. Steinman [link]
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I feel Bill McDonagh should be here, I think he doesn't get enough attention.
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His story really is one of the more sad and seemingly overlooked ones. He saw every bad choice Ryan made and in the end payed with his life to save the thing he loved so much. 
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I know I wish there was more artwork of him and I also think that he should have made an appearance in burial at sea.
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Another man who I rarely ever see art of is Mark Meltzer From Bioshock 2. That IMO is the saddest story in the series.  
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Oh yeah, I loved the build up to this appearance in Bioshock 2 with that website of his investigation. Did you know that you were meant to meet him and become kindred spirits since you both have the same goals of finding your daughters. I wish they kept that in, it would have been great to fight along side him.
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I actually didn't, while interesting. I think it was better to take the highroad and have him die. It might sound morbid but then again almost everyone dies in 2, and Mark made a sacrifice to be with his daughter no mater what. 

Much like with Sinclair, why dont we just vita chamber him and so on, it's more dramatic for him to sacrifice himself in the end.
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Other characters that I don't get enough attention are Alexander, Porter, Grace, Stanley and Diane, I mean she was Ryan's girlfriend and was killed by Atlas, she seems very impotent to me.I just noticed Suchong doesn't have a lot art ether. Another one I almost forgot is Reed Whal.
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Oh Shit I forgot, I remeber loving Minervas den, and I loved the twist about Porter. And for Alexander I do see quite a few pics of him as Alex the Great (AKA the abomination against Humanity) 

Keep in mind Bioshock 2 is not universally loved, meaning it's side charecter's are gonna be overlooked many times, and when you bring in a DLC many wont remeber.
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I suppose you're right.
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Would you kindly give a Llama to MadLittleClown? xD
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Nice! I really like how you capture Steinman's insanity and Suchong's utter disregard for life.
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oh i love this game!
thanks for this dope fan art! bunneh icon12 
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"you promised me pretty simon, now look at me!" 
Omg I love all the quoats from rapture. 
Great work! Your style matches the gore perfectly!
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The "would you kindly" hurt <3 
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One Word: Awesome OO
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This is superb. I want it as a poster for my games room.
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Yeah Would You Klindy? xD 
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¡Por favor, queremos ver más trabajos tuyos en el grupo!. 

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Spectacular and amazing, this is one of my favourite video games of all time!
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And the order makes sense too! Atlas and Fontaine because... well, you know. Langford, Cohen and Steinman are all significant persons who lived in rapture that you meet on your journey, Tenenbaum and Suchong each engineered a part of the big daddy/little sister combo, and last but not least, Jack Jasmine and Ryan, an extremely dysfunctional family!
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Wahhaaa, i'm so happy right now, that somebody noticed it! Thank you!:)
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