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Mr. Bubbles

Bioshock fanart

a wild Big Daddy appears!
(i was thinking about Delta or normal Rosie, but design of Bouncer is my favourite)

(BTW- Big Daddy really existed!:D [link] )

This is the last picture, the series is complete. Maybe i will do some characters from Bioshock 2 sometimes, but not now. (And if, it will be in a bit different style.) (You know why?--> [link] :))

Jack [link]
Atlas [link]
Frank Fontaine: [link]
Yi Suchong [link]
Julie Langford [link]
Brigid Tenenbaum [link]
Jasmine Jolene [link]
Sander Cohen [link]
Andrew Ryan [link]
Dr. Steinman [link]
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LOL that quote! 
He looks good! And Little Sister looks so happy :D
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is there more artwork coming from bioshock infinite?
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"Mr. Bubbles look its an angel."
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 I couldn't stop laughing at that. On the other hand, they should forgive him, because, well, he is a Big Daddy, and he is huge, so...
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Probably the only ones in all of rapture that can be considered truly innocent, especially the Little sisters. As for me, my heart broke with the death of every big daddy.
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"Mr. Bubbles! Wake up! Please, please, please!"
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Lol I was looking through all your portrait things and reading their quotes, then I saw you did a Big Daddy and the first "quote" that came to mind was "mooooo.........." I always thought they sounded like they were mooing >_> Your quote is much better though ^_^
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Freakin' loving it!
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datquotedo XD
Takova krasa! Miluju Bioshocky, jsou to me nejoblibenejsi hry, jsem s to je hrat stale dokola jen kvuli tomu prostredi!
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Going to do Infinite?
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Oh my god that's funny! Nice self parody dude :P
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LOL. I was gonna ask what quote it was gonna be too, considering that they only make loud Batman-like sounds.

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Yeah, if you listen them separately, they sounds like whale sex or somebody in a bathroom after dinner at McDonalds:D
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This video prove , that they actually talk

nah,just kidding ,their voice are just slowed down "normal" noises :)
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I'm literally laughing so hard. But they do. :)
I usually just attack them so I can listen to their moans and then mock them. I think I concern others when I just go "WRROOOHUGUHG" randomly when I battle them. lol
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Mr. Bubbles... what a way with words
This one has to be my favroite! Very nice!
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Big Daddy's noises scare me to death:D
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It's the splicers that scare me... :O_o:
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