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Loki in uniform

just for fun
When i saw The Avengers trailer for first time, and saw Loki in that black-leather suit, i imagined him in a nazi uniform. I think, it really fits him :3

Na malým odřezku papíru teďka večer, scan začal blbnout a upravováno na cizím rozladěným monitoru, tak doufám, že to není barevně šílený.
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Čo to bolo za hlášku?

 You were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel.
German Old Man: Not to men like you.
Loki: There are no men like me.
German Old Man: There are always men like you.

A teraz sa dívam na Lokiho v nacistickej uniforme. To je... Príliš úžasné. 
A úžasne nakreslené tiež. 
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Awesome!!!!! Now, I'm curious to see what Thor would look like in a Nazi uniform, too!! :3
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You mean allied forces uniform?
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Yeah, that! Sorry for getting it wrong!
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I agree, he's perfect with this uniform ! 
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I freakin' love Loki and Nazi uniforms! :D I have already imagined him like this a couple of times! Now I can also see it ! :squee:
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And now gentlemen... i present to you...

Not evil....................................

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Boží! It´s very nice illustration and the nazi uniform makes him more insidious.
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Wow! I also had an idea of Loki in an SS uniform while watching the Captain America movie. I was hoping someone else would have the same thought and make an artwork of it! :D
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Men in uniform is one thing, but THIS? :love: :worship:
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Im glad, you like it:D
Nicely drawn, though I really can't see Loki as a Nazi. For one thing, the Nazis had no sense of humor....
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I must agree, velice prevelice, hergot to je kus najednou, jeste vetsi nez predtim c:
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There goes my uniform kink.
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this is amazing peice of work! O_O the detail and color contrast is perfect! good job! <3
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He actually did pretend to be a Nazi in the Ultimates, but it was only so he could use their army to attack Asgard.
LenkaSimeckova's avatar
Wow, i want to read it! You know exactly where? I tried to google it, but I could not find it.
C-A-Lane's avatar
Search Ultimate Thor #1-4 or something of the like.
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This gives meshivers. asdfghjkl
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