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Julie Langford

>i feel like stupid, but is that quote ok? I mean "it's times"? (she originally said 'It's bathtub gin, times the atom bomb, times Eve with the serpent.')

Bioshock fanart

Yi Suchong: [link]
Jasmine Jolene: [link]
Brigid Tenenbaum [link]
Sander Cohen [link]
Andrew Ryan [link]
Dr. Steinman [link]
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Love all of these! Would love to see your version of Sophia Lamb!
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I wish she got more time in the game, she seemed so interesting.
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I like this one especially, because she didn't get her own character model in the game. They just used a female splicer model when you meet her in the lab. So it's nice to see her with her plants :)
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I think nobody had they own model, except Cohen and Ryan. Tenenbaum had the same model as Julie, just another colors, Atlas, Jasmine and Steiman had also some splicer model. So i just had to use that tiny passport photos as the only reference. I hope i didn't ruin their own expectation how they are supposed to looks like. Thank you!:)
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So happy to see Julie here. She was my favorite character...

The quote does seem a bit odd, since it's like a math equation with only one variable present. But I'm not sure how else you'd fix it... unless you added more space underneath?
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it would be best, if i chose another quote. But she has all lines weird, too long or they don't make any sense without explanation
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I totally understand.
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This was my favorite character in Rapture..... :)
If you just do this instead it'll be fine: "it's times... Eve with the serpent" :) that way people know that there's more in between and it's not as awkward :)
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thank you, i fixed it:)
Oh no problem :) I'm loving this series by the way :)
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