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Bioshock fanart

And finally... Jack! (he looks like some electrician:D)

Atlas [link]
Frank Fontaine: [link]
Yi Suchong [link]
Julie Langford [link]
Brigid Tenenbaum [link]
Jasmine Jolene [link]
Sander Cohen [link]
Andrew Ryan [link]
Dr. Steinman [link]
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Velice pěkné kartičky. Potěšilo mě, že sis zvolila zrovna téma Bioshock, protože jsem velký fanda té hry. Krásná práce :)
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I like the chain tattoo's representing your slavery to Fontain.
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Oh my gosh the Electritian joke made my day XD Golly, this series is A-MAZING! Your silly and work I can't get over XD
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I think you did a good job of making him look like a cross between his parents too!
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This is awesome!
Gotta stick to the orginals. Wrench and Electro bolt, what more do you need? =D
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The one-two punch!
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I was waiting for this one! Really cool!
Zappy Zap that what I call the Eletroc Bolt... is the best!
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Awesome... make one with Delta :3
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