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Frank Fontaine

Bioshock fanart

I have two versions of him, i don't like the first (here: [link] ) because he looks like a baby, so i redrew it. (I think i never drew a bald man before:D)

Atlas here: [link]
Yi Suchong [link]
Julie Langford [link]
Brigid Tenenbaum [link]
Jasmine Jolene [link]
Sander Cohen [link]
Andrew Ryan [link]
Dr. Steinman [link]
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Wow, this is cool. Of these, this one's my favorite besides the one you did of Andrew Ryan.
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That is awesome. Very detailed, and I love the font style since it matches the game so well. :) 
Also, those puppet strings are a great touch.
SuperNormalMan's avatar
But when you brainwash a man into being your personal tool to gain power, and his entire life was a complete lie?

Then it's business.  And boy, is it serious.
sweet!  this dude is my fave character from BioShock
Did you play Bural at sea 2?
Lord-Kothless's avatar
I like the second more as well for the strings. "Der Puppen Spieler" German for The puppet master.
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I love these drawings <3
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Wow. I think the puppet strings are a subtle, brilliant addition to the picture. It wouldn't be the same without them.
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Looks way, way waaaay to distinguished for a Bronx gangster.
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Nicely done! He looks like I imagined him from the tiny recorder photo you get. I love the suit, and the puppet strings.
The lyric or song (whatever it was) of "damn it feels good to be a gangster" comes to mind.
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MY favorite Bioshock Character! With Steinman and Sander taking second and third respectively! Your Steinman is my absolute favorite by the way. So disturbing but so HIM! You might even say that you are my "Aphrodite". >=D Or as your dear Sander would say: "my muse is a fickle bitch with a short attention span!" ...Ok, how the hell did I even think that was supposed to be a compliment -_- Don't mind me, just being a giggly fan. Bottom line, your stuff rocks. That shadow in the back is my favorite part. ^-^
Cosmic--Chaos's avatar
Great work with the puppet strings. I liked the first one, though, where the sticks were in his pocket.
Faiya-the-Giant-Fish's avatar
Ahh the puppet strings! XD Good touch!
Pilotslover's avatar
I love that his shadow is so big compared to him, nice hint to the ending there.
BettyFontaine's avatar
Oh my, Frank! :love: :drool:
Awesome, great, sweet etc. Love it! :D
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I love both versions of this!
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