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Dr. Steinman

"He's ugly! Ugly! Ugly! UGLYYYYYYYY!"

Bioshock fanart

Just fun with Bioshock, again. I tried make something in old card style with my favourite characters, so here is Dr. Steinman. I have also Andrew Ryan and Sander Cohen, i'll upload it later.

Andrew Ryan fanart: [link]
Sander Cohen fanart: [link]
Jasmine Jolene [link]
Brigid Tenenbaum [link]
Frank Fontaine [link]
Atlas [link]
Yi Suchong [link]
Julie Langford [link]
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"What can I do with this one, Aphrodite? She.....Won't.....Stay.....Still! I want to make them beautiful, but they always turn out wrong! That one… too fat! This one… too tall! This one… too symmetrical! And now- What's this, goddess? An intruder! He's ugly! ugly, ugly, UGLY!"

- Doctor J.S. Steinman.

Jet948's avatar

He and the medic could meet on the beer

Kaviix's avatar
this character was great xD i wish the game had more to him
Mochiyucky's avatar
While I was playing Bioshock for the second time he became one of my favorites. Mostly because of a certain line he said.

"What if now it is not my skill that fails me... but my imagination?"
Kaviix's avatar
that's indeed a very good quote o.o wow....didn't even remember he said that because i got so focus on that "ugly" part x'D
Mochiyucky's avatar
every time i replay bioshock i always turn up the volume when that tape comes up

and yeah i was too at first lol
TheWildWestPyro's avatar

*Riddles him with Tommy Gun bullets*
Lord-Kothless's avatar
Oh man, no doubt the most memorable of all Bioshock characters, and probably the best voice acting in any game. The very portrait of insanity.
CreepyPuPX's avatar
He's ugly... ugly.. UGLY... UGLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! D:<
artissx's avatar
I love this. This is perfectly morbid. Everything about this feels like Bioshock.
kimisaparasite's avatar
steinman is my all time favorite character and this is the most perfect thing i have ever seen in my life and not to be weird but really want to get this tattooed <3
WhyIDontKnow's avatar
My Absolute favorite one of your cardsseries:P
Cosmic--Chaos's avatar
This is incredibly chilling. I was terrified when I played through the medical pavilion fir the first time, always dreading that insane "doctor" would come out of nowhere with a scalpel.
ReplicatorFifth's avatar
I get vibes of Medic from TF2... >.>

all of your Bioshock fanart is amazing :D
Moonlightshadow8911's avatar
"Ich will doch, dass sie schön werdern..." -Steinman

Urgh! Amazing picture! All of them are, really, but Steinman and the scalple and the Lady, and OOOOG!
BKalicky's avatar
haha these are all fantastic, i love the shading you did in all of them
im a little bummed you didnt do Peach Wilkins but still awesome work
-did you do the lettering by hand or was that just in a font i havent noticed yet?
LenkaSimeckova's avatar
Yes, i was thinking, if i should do him or not... but he is so boring for me:D. The name of the font is "Andes":) Thank you:)
BKalicky's avatar
haha i hear you, the first time i played the game i wasnt attached to him at all, but the more i go back to the fisheries and the more i find out about him the more i like him
plus: i havent seen many good drawings of wilkins out there yet, so i may just have to try and do something about that :P
mrslovett94's avatar
Wow an amazing piece of art! I love how you´ve characterized him. Just fantastic. :squee:
mrslovett94's avatar
You´re very welcome. I just love all of them =)
Medical always did give me chills when I first started playing the game. Weird doctors, modified corpses, shit ton of blood, and this guy. But it was fun killing him. XD
DelightfullyFreaky's avatar
Steinman! Woohoo! :w00t: Out of the two artists in Bioshock...I liked him better than Coh...shot down by Bioshock fandom :dead:
Terrifying by the way! Really cool!
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