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Brigid Tenenbaum

Bioshock fanart first time i wanted to draw only
Steinman [link] ,
Ryan [link]
and Cohen [link] fanarts.
But this game is just so amazing, i'm adding also Tenenbaum (this one specially for Phillymar [link] :) and
Jasmine Jolene [link] .

i was not sure, what quote to use for Tenenbaum, i hope, this one is ok
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My favorite character from bioshock and done beautifully! Nice style it suits well the bioshock atmosphere.
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Awesome! I love her expression. All the Little Sisters look really good, too. 
I think it's a perfect quote. 
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they look like living dead doll
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Only sane person in Rapture.
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Your Bioshock fanarts ;_; What are you doing to me, this is so amazing <3
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Very pretty and sensitive portrait of Tenenbaum !
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Přiznám se, že tu hru (je to PC hra, nebo ne?) neznám, ale tyhle kresby jsou prostě skvělý...
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Jo, pořád zapomínám na tu knížku (i když je to v mém zájmu:O) ...počítám, že tisk bude kolem dvou stovek, teď o prázdninách se do copy asi jen tak nedostanu, ale tam, kde jsem to na klausuru tiskla, tak to počítali na množství barvy a vycházelo to kolem těch dvou:)
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To by bylo krásný! Tak kdyžtak dej vědět, až budeš mít čas a náladu, a nějak to domluvíme! Tyjo... přiznám se, že si ji asi aspoň pro příští rok dva užiju víc já, než prcek, teda, ale nevadí. :D
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Díky:D Jj, hra (normálně žádnej gamer nejsem, protože je mi líto toho času, kterej na to člověk vyplýtvá, ale tohle je spolu s Half Life jediná hra, u který si to pro skvělej příběh a atmosféru odpustím:)
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Já vím, že když mě PC hra chytne, tak jsem schopná dávat vše stranou a hrozně se do toho zažrat, tak radši ani nic nezkouším, i když vím, že by mě to bavilo. Naposledy to byla třeba taková hovadina jako Antbuster. :D
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Přesně tak, pak zapomínám i pít a jíst, natož spát:D
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Tenenbaum is my favourite character in the first game, you did her such justice! Probably the nicest fanart of her I've ever seen. Looove it.
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your treatment of these characters is beautiful.
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I actually really like Tenenbaum. She's really cool! One of my favorite characters!
I love her hair! Retro styles are so cute! :la:
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Wonderful work! :)
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Holy shit, your skills are AMAZING! *-*
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still not enough, how i want:) Thank you:thanks:
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Oh my god.... so far, this is my favorite...
Amazing work!
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Wonderful Job! I love the expression on her face, like a protective mother or what more might understand- the expression of a mama bear does not want you near her cubs. It's almost as if saying without words, 'Come near them and I hurt you'. It's great work you did here and I applaud you for this one as well as the others because they're equally amazing.
I would like to see how you portray Langford (that old batty in Arcadia) in your art style. Merely a liking of course. I don't want to make it sound like I'm actually asking you to draw her, even if I would like to see more art of her by artists. My apologies if I made it sound like that.
Keep up the good work!
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Compliments to how well you've managed to take in the game to make these incredible images MadLittleClown, a personal hats off from Andrew Ryan that's for sure.

Was really wowed at your work on Steinman there but had to check out Tenebaum here, find it quite amazing how well they wrote her cold and hard character into something very warm and motherly.

Regardless of that a beautiful take of her in your own style, taking alot of time to focus on the more human side to her as she keeps the Little Sisters so close to her and wow your really top notch at seems when it comes to rendering out her face from the game, damn!

Will say the use of coloring is just stupendous on how it sets the mood. How the limited lighting and shadowing you use on the characters give that dingy and saddened state to them all, but hey that's the environment that is Rapture.

Furthermore really like how well you took your time with not just taking Tenebaum into your stylish lines but even being so creative as to give each Little Sister her own look, expression and even changing up the dresses, bravo.

Good show too even with even expressing their small and frail characters like you'd see them in the game, hiding amongst their protectors and a personal credit to how effectively you did even the ominous yellow glow on each their eyes, wow!

Could go on here from the way you develope the vintage feel of the poster, to even the realism in the wavy feel of the hair and so on but damn think it clearly shows your level of talent and skill in drawing.

Know for sure you got some serious know how when it comes making some excellent artwork and hope you'll keep up the fantastic work, would you kindly? ^o^

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that is too awesome! captured it perfectly! well dome!!! :D
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