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Friendly Experiment - Cover (Sci-Fi Body Swap) by LenioTG, visual art

Deviation Spotlight

Hectic Crystals: M2F and Futa Magical TF Comic by LenioTG, visual art

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Yearn For Balance - Page 01 by LenioTG, visual art

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I've loved TG content for as long as I can remember, even if I'm at ease in my male straight body. Then one day I asked myself: what if I tried to create some TG stories too?

That's how I've started, and how I'm continuing.

My favorite themes are body swap, sci-fi, magical and forced/tricked transformation, stuck, identity theft, tattoos/piercings, racial/cultural changes, mild mind control, psychological development, age regression, and petite women.

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Favourite Movies
Mr. Nobody, Amelie, A Clockwork Orange, Mulholland Drive, Memento, Fight Club, Into The Wild, The Shawshank Redemption, The Shining, Donnie Darko, , The Fault In Our Stars, Forrest Gump, Soul Surfers, The Lord Of The Rings
Favourite TV Shows
Game of Thrones, Black Mirror, Breaking Bad, Utopia, Dark
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Linkin Park, Coldplay, Queen, Green Day, Articolo 31, Nirvana, Alec Benjamin, Sum 41
Favourite Books
Great Expectations, Return To A Brave New World, 1984, The Late Mattia Pascal, Il Fascismo Eterno, The Book Thief, El Laberinto De Los Espiritus, Elogio Dell'Imperfezione, Animal Farm, The Shadow Of The Wind, Invisible Monsters, Inferno
Favourite Writers
Zafon, Pirandello, Orwell, Dickens, Dante, Palahniuk, Martin, Huxley, Benni, Eco
Favourite Games
Dark Souls Trilogy, Europa Universalis IV, The Binding Of Isaac, The Witcher 3
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC (Steam)
Tools of the Trade
Daz Studio, Keyboard, Comic Life 3
Other Interests
Science, Technology, TV Shows, Videogames, Books, Music

Stories Links

  1. You Won't Wait For Me Anymore (Comic of 14p. - Magic M2F/F2M - 10/2017)

  2. Give Me Just A Little Bit Of Your Manhood (Comic of 109p. - Magic M2F/F2M - 11/2017)

  3. A Special Costume (Book of 97p. - Magic Body Swap - 04/2018)

  4. I'll Make You Happy (Book of 188p. - Sci-Fi Body Swap - 06/2018)

  5. Wealthy Progeny (Book of 130p. - Sci-Fi Body Swap - 10/2018)

  6. A Simple Curiosity (Comic of 41p. - Magic M2F - 11/2018)

  7. Life Warp Opportunity (Comic of 186p. PAUSED - Sci-Fi M2F/F2M - 11/2018)

  8. Role Swap Surprise (Book of 60p. PAUSED - Sci-Fi Body Swap - 12/2018)

  9. Office Inspection (Comic of 43p. - Magic M2F/F2M - 12/2018)

  10. Ariana's Grasp (Comic of 34p. - Magic Body Swap - 01/2019)

  11. Disgracing Duty (Comic of 108p. - Sci-Fi Body Swap - 03/2019)

  12. Friendzoned (Comic of 37p. - Sci-Fi M2F - 04/2019)

  13. Pandora's Box (Comic of 114p. - Magic M2F/F2M - 05/2019)

  14. Isla Cambiar: Buried Desires (Comic of 56p. - Magic M2F - 07/2019)

  15. Cash Or Swap (Comic of 81p. - Sci-Fi M2F/F2M - 08/2019)

  16. Couple's Kindled Kinks (Comic of 240p. PAUSED - Magic Body Swap - 10/2019)

  17. Through Your Eyes (Book of 120p. - Sci-Fi Body Swap - 02/2020)

  18. Archaic Venture (Comic of 109p. - Sci-Fi M2F/F2M - 03/2020)

  19. Hectic Crystals (Comic of 129p. - Magic M2F/F2M - 04/2020)

  20. Colony Admission (Comic of 56p. - Sci-Fi M2F - 05/2020)

  21. Friendly Experiment (Comic of 262p. - Sci-Fi Body Swap - 08/2020)

  22. Dark Halloween (Comic of 26p. - Magic M2F/F2M - 10/2020)

  23. Nathan: The Party Attire (Comic of 49p. - Sci-Fi M2F - 04/2021)

  24. Yearn For Balance - (Comic - Sci-Fi M2F - 07/2021)

  25. A Change In Perspective - (Book - Sci-Fi M2F - 10/2021)

If you're looking for more detailed info about each story, you can find it in this Journal.

Each story name is linked to the relative folder. Many stories are free, and most of those are on DeviantArt. Some stories are Patreon temporary/definitive exclusives.

TOMORROW On July 20th "The Party Attire" ended, more than 4 months ago, and I haven't published anything on DeviantArt since then. I really don't like when that happens, it was mostly due to months when my 1st job has drained me of both energy and time. Maybe I'm learning to organize my life better, we'll see. Meanwhile, you've continued to show me your love, and of all your messages really warm my heart. I'm happy to announce that, finally, tomorrow a new comic is coming to DA: "Yearn For Balance"!!! :D I'll publish a new page every other day, hoping to continue like that for a long time. Meanwhile, part 2 (up until page 108) of my new book, "A Change In Perspective" has just been published: https://www.patreon.com/posts/change-in-part-2-59202633 I wish you all a great day, LenioTG! :D
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"A CHANGE IN PERSPECTIVE": 1st Part Out! Thomas and Margaret's friends can't stop talking about this state-of-the-art 'Kink Finder' agency, that promises to unveil people's deepest desires, and to make them a reality. Will Margaret convince our Thomas to give it a chance? And what is they truly long for? I've been working on a new book with renders. (Don't worry, "Yearn For Balance" won't be abandoned, but the inspiration for this one was just too strong to delay). The 1st part is out on Patreon, and it has 64 pages with 23 renders: https://www.patreon.com/posts/change-in-part-1-58096719 Please note (SPOILER ALERT): there's still no M2F transformation in these first 7 chapters, and if you join on October 31st you'll be charged tomorrow again, so maybe wait until then! These monthly update are for the "Patreon" tier, while the "TG Lover" one receives, a bit later, weekly updates (now they're reading Friendly Experiment, a Patreon exclusive together with Hectic Crystals). I wish you
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HALL OF FAME UPDATE (open the status to view it properly) I'm amazed looking at how many people still read everyday the "Hall Of Fame". I want to continue updating it with the great TG stories I find all over the web day by day. Because, before being a writer, I'm always a passionate TG reader. Not many of these will end up in the Hall Of Fame, but, in the meantime, if you're looking for some stories to enjoy, there you go! BOOKS A really nice discover is @fla527 , who has written a few stories I absolutely LOVED! Fantasy Football by FLA527 Seeing It Her Way by FLA527 My Wishes by FLA527 A few gems from TGStoryTime: Bert and the Soho Apartment by Shannon Colby Stuck In The Wishes Curse by bigdaddy01 She Did It Again by Zapper The Janus Club by Loup The Hippo Statue by evilandroid And a few books from Amazon: Role Play by Eric Filler Hitchswapper by Eric Filler Better At Being My Wife by Jenna Braveheart Gender Swapped in Space by Alyson Belle Becoming Kelly by D.L.
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