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Punpun Onodera

"I'd wish for shooting stars to disappear forever."
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holy crap!! it's so beautiful
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ahh I love the glitchy colors in this. The focus and unfocused parts of this picture are awesome! 
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That was one of the most completely messed up mangas that I have ever read.

And. It. Was. Awesome.
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Yay, thanks!! :D
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LOVE IT, at first i thought it was Ib fan art then found out it was PunPun, but still THE ILLUSION IS SOOOOOO COOOL
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Thank you. I'm not sure if it looks correct on 3D glasses though. XD
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Holy, it's great to see another fan of this underappreciated series. The art piece is quite trippy and darkly atmospheric--it matches the majority of the storyline's overall tone.
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thanks! sometimes, i wonder why asano inio's overall works are a bit under appreciated but i guess it's quite normal for a slice of life genre.
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thats a crazy good illusion you got in those eyes
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Woah, is this the first Punpun fan art here on DA? I typed in "Punpun" in the search bar and this is the only piece :p
Anyway, I'm really loving the chromatic aberration effect here--It reminds me of how surreal yet at the same time  painfully realistic the manga felt when I read it. The background and the color scheme are simple, yet fittingly used.
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Thanks! I've been itching to draw Sachi and Aiko from quite some time now but I rarely see Punpun fanart so I thought it would be really awesome if I try making one. :D
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No, wait--I lied; Ignore what I said in the first sentence :X
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What is the term
"Chromatic Something"?
Whatever is, it was used PERFECTLY.
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Awww, thank you. It's called Chromatic Aberration. :dance:
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The color fringing is sooooo rad. Well done.

I see it is labelled as fan art... what is it from?
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