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Portraits - Character designs - Illustrations


waiting time from the payment till final image: around a month

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Table of Contents:
1. Monochrome pictures
2. Coloured pictures
3. Pricing and payment details
4. Commission Form
5. FAQ and Contact

Bullet; Yellow MONOCHROME PICTURES Bullet; Yellow  

Character Sketch € 15-35

Rough sketches, simple values.
Brush lines are visible.
Simplification of the form.
Limited time spent on each drawing. No revisions.
Crimson Viper by LenamoArt Face 30-08-16 by LenamoArt Free sketch Commission: Synarah by LenamoArt Commission: Jack Krauser by LenamoArt Portrait practise by LenamoArt Queen WIP by LenamoArt

Portrait Monochrome € 40-75

Smooth gradients.
Rendered deep values and chiaroscuro.
Details added (e.g. hair strands). 
Possible sketch revisions.  

Commission: Felicity by LenamoArt Patreon: Fallen Angel by LenamoArt Commission: Kiss by LenamoArt Commission: Taluciela by LenamoArtDemons of the past - Daenerys Fan art by LenamoArt


Bullet; Yellow COLOURED PICTURES Bullet; Yellow 

Coloured Sketch € 20-45

Sketch may be visible.
Simplification of the form.
Cell shading and simple render.
Limited time spent on each drawing. No revisions.

Commission: Meadow by LenamoArt Arabella The Mighty by LenamoArt Commission Sketch: Feriela-Draas by LenamoArt Commission: Izzy by LenamoArt Commission Sketch: Karolina Amarande by LenamoArt Jaslyne by LenamoArt Commisson Sketch: Edward Oakhart by LenamoArt

Portrait € 50-95

Smooth render.
Simple background.
Deep values, tones and chiaroscuro.
Details added (e.g. hair strands).

Patreon: Ayediah by LenamoArt Commission: Valasan Lavallen by LenamoArt Commission: Inae Baenrett by LenamoArt Commission: Ianirah by LenamoArt Daenerys in Azeroth cosplaying! by LenamoArt Commission: Pandaren Monk Soja by LenamoArt Commission: Star Wars, Seshla Phaa by LenamoArt

Illustration / Digital Painting € 95-250

Smooth render.
Advanced lightning correlating with the background.
Advanced details (e.g. hair strands, outfit details).
Possible sketch and early paintings revisions.
Portraits and illustrations commissions include my consultations, process updates, and revisions, so we can be sure that the final digital painting is a picture that we're both happy with. 

Pricing and payment details

Payment: PayPal or via bank transfer
For portraits and sketches I request full payment in advance. For illustration we can split the payment in half.
Full refunds available, unless I've already started painting.
Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Orange Heart  Starting from 4th commission I'll give you discount Heart Bullet; Orange Bullet; Yellow 

All prices are approximate and depends on the level of complexity. You can follow the logic:
Shot: Bust < Waist up < Full body
Pose: Static < In action
Background: Misty shapes < Detailed < Illustration
Outfit: Potato bag < Simple outfit < Steampunk outfit
Resolution examples: Desktop wallpaper < Book cover < Poster print size


Commission form

If you wish to make an inquiry, please fill the Commission form on my website.



Please read my Commission FAQ

send me an e-mail lenamo.art@gmail.com

(Since I'm a Digital Art Community Volunteer my message box here on Deviant Art is flooded with notes. Please send me an email to make sure I won't overlook your message.)
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Hello there! I would like to take a slot too! Even if I'm not finished with the briefings. Just in case to get one :D
But mostly for sketches... have some ideas in mind, but not the money for illustrations yet.