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So... You like my art and you want me to paint you something? That's great! Lets talk about it!

You can either fill very convenient form on my website or use the form below and send it to my by e-mail:

Please don't send the form via DeviantART notes. I'm a Community Volunteer and I'm receiving several notes each day. On top of that DeviantART notes are horrible for keeping track on commissions. So please send me an e-mail :) Thank you!

Set a title to your e-mail with the name of your character and your deviantART nick.
Try to imagine the final picture and find some references you like.


  1. Type of commission: Sketch / Portrait / Illustration and Black&White / Coloured
  2. Shot: Bust < Waist up < Fullbody
  3. Pose: Static < Dynamic (reference is welcome)
  4. Character: short appearance description (references are welcome)
  5. Outfit: short description of the most important outfit elements (references are welcome)
  6. Background: Simple, gradient background is included. For detailed or illustrated backgrounds references will be welcome.
  7. Size/Resolution (check out paper sizes)
  8. Deadline. (if none, you will get a small discount, but finishing the commission may take longer)
  9. Additional important information and suggestions (e.g. colours, mood, expression etc.)
  10. Your budget for this commission. This is helpful when it comes to matching a level of details or paper size to your budget.
  11. License: private or commercial use. Please state clearly what is the purpose of the requested image.

If you have any problems with the form please check out my Commission Form Guide where I briefly explain all points.


Full payment in advance via PayPal or bank transfer.
All prices are approximate and depends on the resolution and a level of complexity. You can consider a price to be a measure of my time spent painting - the more you pay, the more polished and detailed portrait is.

Average prices:

Bust Sketches

Portraits without background 60
Full body illustrations with detailed background
  • For complicated outfits or gadgets, there may be an additional 10-30 EUR charge.
  • For additional character or pets, there may be an additional 50% charge.
  • For illustrated, complex background, there may be an additional 30-80 EUR charge.


Please read my Commission Policies for Private or Commercial use, where I explain commission stages, license and payment details.
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