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Greetings friends and followers!

I've decided to polish my sketching skills with a series of portraits, so I've opened 35 slots for digital sketch commissions. If you're looking for a bust portrait, here is an awesome, cheaper option for you! Go to my website and simply fill my commission form

You can make the payment using the link below:

What you can expect

Time frame

I promise to finish the portrait within 2 months, unless some unexpected events will keep me away from drawing. Then I'll let you know.


You can make the payment using the link below:

Painting Gold - Digital Art Tutorial

Thu Oct 18, 2018, 1:29 AM

This month DigArt Challenge theme is "GOLD", so I've decided to create tutorial for painting a shiny golden textures!

analyse the colours

First, we need to find some references for various golden surfaces. They should be both polished and rough. I've used free photos from Unsplash as my references.
Gold-tutorial-colours by LenamoArt Basic tone is orange/yellow. It's quite saturated. Reflected light is usually cool and desaturated. Notice that shadow is never black, and highlight is never white. Keep this in mind while painting.


1. Draw a basic flat shape.
2. Add shadow using soft brush at 20% flow.
3. Add highlight using soft brush at 20% flow..
4. Add reflected light using soft brush at 20% flow.

This unfortunately is not enough to create an object that will look like the one made of gold. The sphere looks plastic and matte, instead of metal and shiny. We need to create a texture.
Golden(1) by LenamoArt


1. Take a shaded base.
2. Use a messy spotted brush at 50% flow to break smooth texture.
3. Add some random lines using soft edge brush at 50% flow to create scratches. Keep in mind the shape of the object you're drawing. Straight scratch on a sphere will be curved.
4. Use dark shadow colour and hard edge brush on 50% flow to make the scratches look deeper. Add a highlights on the edges.

Better, but it still lacks this shine we're aiming for!

Golden(2) by LenamoArt 

Overlay spark

1. Take a textured shape.
2. Create an Overlay layer and use light, desaturated yellow to enhance highlighted area with a soft brush at 20% flow.
3. Use spotted brush at 50% flow to create some random highlights. Use light, desaturated yellow on highlighted area, and desaturated blue and green on reflected light area.
4. Create additional highlight in the shadowed area using saturated yellow colour, and soft brush on 20% flow.

And that's it!
It's a pretty, shiny golden texture!
Golden(3) by LenamoArt


What Is DigArt?

DigArt is short for Digital Art! We all DIG art, right? Right! The goal of these challenges, interviews and features is to offer the Digital Art community something fun and engaging to participate in on a monthly basis! As artists or art enthusiasts, we are always looking for things to inspire us, so what better way than to offer challenges each month to help with your creative flow!

We will be running a series of events such as challenges, interviews, features and more that you can participate in! We want to offer a platform to engage in the community and bring something fun to the table! These events are open to everyone and we welcome all to participate in the digital art community! Let's be creative together and share in the same passion we have for art!


Only few hours left!

Sat Oct 6, 2018, 10:30 PM

Hello guys!
Today is the last the when you can get the "Under Control" course and join the group of people who wants to take their art on the next level!

I really believe that the ability to create a solid concept is the key that opens a lot of art and job opportunities. During the course you will learn art fundamentals to paint more eye-catching artworks from scratch and avoid many frustrating mistakes.

Skin by Dan Leveille

Lenamo's DD in September 2018

Tue Oct 2, 2018, 11:29 AM

Hello guys!
I want to feature these artworks again. Please take a closer look. The artists really deserve it!


Miss Feathers by ArtOfKoR speedpaint #103 by Sylar113:thumb662705004: Collective mind by Manticora-Miorro fish by myxomatosia
:thumb757141162: The Seawitch by Fealasy Puppet Master by Raivis-Draka Of Guardians And Wicked Ones by hyokka Color and Light Practice_02 by Xelandra
To be a^part of by Jorn-Siberian Beyond the path by Tohad Map by vurdeM:thumb758649524:
Geisha portrait by red-12am

Skin by Dan Leveille

First rewards from my raffle!

Tue Oct 2, 2018, 5:24 AM

Hello friends and watchers!
Some of the rewards from my raffle are already delivered to the winners and I'm so happy to feature the works created by my fellow artists and me:

We're starting in 10 days!

Mon Oct 1, 2018, 3:40 AM

Guys, only few more days left to join me and get your art #undercontol

The course is starting in 10 days, but the sale will end 3 days earlier (7th Oct).

I need few days to add everyone and double check everything. So if you're interested in online course that will actually help you learn art fundamentals, then go and check it!Considering what will you get, 79USD for 4-month long course is not a high price (or 19USD/month if you want to use Patreon).

Check it out:

Twitter by LenamoArt

Skin by Dan Leveille

There is a lot of free resources on the Internet, but we rarely have motivation to follow tutorials and actually do exercises. We carefully watch videos, and learn nothing from it. Have you ever wondered why?

This course is meant not only for those who want to upgrade their art skills,

but also for those who struggle with motivation.

Lack of motivation and self discipline is a huge problem for all freelancers or people working from home. I perfectly understand it! I was working remotely for over 5 years, and I know how many things can attract your attention. During "Under Control" we will follow the lessons schedule, in a similar way to the stationary drawing courses. You will receive a feedback that will keep you informed about the progress you're making.

I’m going to help each and every one of you to actually finish the course and finally learn these fundamentals!

I want to emphasize that the “Under Control” course DOES NOT contain some mysterious knowledge. Many of of the information included within this course can be found in books. However, courses available for free offer neither feedback nor guidance from a professional artist. So go and join me, because we're starting in two weeks!


Skin by Dan Leveille

Hello friends and watchers!

As some of you may know I had been working on  the online course that would help you learn art fundamentals once and for all! I'm happy to announce that the course is on! Yay!

course starts 10th Oct 2018  - Ends 10th Feb 2019.

Under Control  course banner by LenamoArt

I want this course to be an exciting exploration of the methods frequently used by professional artists during their creative processes. I've prepared lessons and exercises that will guide you through elements of visual art through both theoretical and practical painting approach.

During the course you will gain access to 7 learning modules, covering art fundamentals such as:
  • contour
  • proportions
  • perspective
  • form
  • value
  • colour
  • composition

Upon completing each lesson you will receive personalized feedback that will help you develop your skills and create outstanding artworks in a comfortable and confident way.

On top of 7 learning modules, I had prepared bonus lessons that will give you a historical and cultural background necessary to understand how art fundamentals were developed throughout the ages.

This is an awesome opportunity to with my help develop your skills and fix mistakes.

Join me and get your art UNDER CONTROL!

If there won't be enough people to create a group I'll make a full refund.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.


Skin by Dan Leveille

2000 Watchers Raffle Results!

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 17, 2018, 1:58 AM

Greetings friends and followers!

Raffle(2) by LenamoArt

I would like to say "thank you" to all of you who joined the raffle, wrote a sweet journal about my art or decided to donate some awesome rewards.

Check out DA members who donated rewards:
:iconleilaascariz: :iconpaulaedith: :iconiduna-haya: :iconicescrystal: :iconlacrimareobscura: :iconanneauxdelacroix: :iconfarewell-blackparade: :iconalrooney: :iconpanartias: :iconlihyan96: :iconkarmikosmic: :iconace0f-arts: :iconeilrachi: :iconthebadgerfoxdraws: :iconfredsternl:

Guys, you're awesome!
Thank you!


I had no idea that running a raffle can be such a huge task! There was almost hundred entries and I think that's amazing! I think every artist struggle with self confidence from time to time. But you guys had wrote so many nice things! I'll be coming back to your words if self-doubt will get me. I'm sorry that I couldn't give the grand prize to all of you <3

It was really hard to decide on one Grand Reward entry, but I've decided to choose

Star! Star! Star! Grand reward:Star! Star! Star! 
for very sweet feature and art critique. Thank you! :*

Lenamo is...this is for a raffle you can join it here!
Lenamo is an absolutely incredible artist, every single one her pieces are skillfully made. The attention to detail she puts into even the smallest things is honestly incredible, from the carefully shaded details to the beautiful hairstyle she's gotten down flawlessly. She's a kind person and I've heard many great things about her from everyone who's spoken about her, not one bad thing and that's hard considering the drama always floating around deviantart. I love how her gallery is sorted so it's easy to find the artworks you're looking for!
Now I'd like to talk in detail about a couple of her pieces since they are absolutely stunning!
Starting with this one
The hair flows just perfectly as it's gently floating because of a magic or a gentle gust of wind, the skin gradient is perfectly done to the point that the character looks almost life like. Though my favorite part about this piece is ho

Congratulations! You win:
Bust portrait commission by LenamoArt (50 EUR worth)
1200 points (3 month CORE Membership) (15 USD worth) Points
Physical copy of Resonance (book with my cover) from anneauxdelacroix
Character pixel art commission by IcesCrystal
Bust commission from Alrooney
Digital Halfbody commission from lihyan96

And the numbers picked by dice roller are: 93, 17, 84, 90
Img-0196 by LenamoArt Img-0197 by LenamoArt Img-0200 by LenamoArt Img-0201 by LenamoArt

So the raffle winners are:

Star! 2nd reward:Star!

Congratulations! You win:
Bust sketch commission by LenamoArt (30 EUR worth)
400 points Points 
Bust commission from LacrimareObscura
Sketch commission from Farewell-BlackParade
Halfbody sketch commission from lihyan96

Star! 3rd reward:Star! 

Congratulations! You win:
Bust sketch commission by LenamoArt (30 EUR worth)
120 points Points
Monochrome bust commission from Iduna-Haya
Bust sketch commission from lihyan96

Star! 4th reward (unlocked!)Star! 

Congratulations! You win:
150 points Points
Headshot commission from Ace0f-Arts
Headshot commission from thebadgerfoxdraws

Star! 5th reward (unlocked!)Star! 

Congratulations! You win:
100 points Points
Tight-up commission from Eilrachi
Headshot commission from thebadgerfoxdraws

Points will be send within a week. Send me commission form
if you won a picture draw by me :)

Please contact the other artists separately to discuss your other rewards.

Thank you again for joining my raffle and spreading the news.

Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

Quick note:
Because one of the commission donors won a reward I had to switch places of two prizes. Now every winner will get a reward :)

Commissions: OPEN
Commission FAQ

Lenamo's DD in August 2018

Sat Sep 1, 2018, 12:06 AM

Greetings friends and followers!

I've decided to show you Daily Deviations I had featured during the last month. I think a lot of it deserves more attention. Please check out these awesome artists!

I also want to thank my top August suggesters. Check their profiles and galleries!
:icondanielaivanova: :iconellysiumn: :iconcatgirldstr11: :iconpsoty:

Thank you for watching!

Skin by Dan Leveille

Art Fundamentals Pre-Course Survey

Thu Aug 30, 2018, 1:23 AM

Drawing School Banner1200px by LenamoArtGreetings Friends and Followers!

I've received a lot of feedback and questions from you regarding my recent journal about starting online drawing school.

I'll be my first online course and I'm really excited about it! I want to do it as accessible as possible, so I've decided to run a short survey. It will help me prepare the course in the most convenient way for most of you, so please spend few minutes answering this questions.

If you're like "Maybe I'll be interested, but I need more info" then please answer the survey as well, because it will grant you and access to course related news. I assure you you will get all the info you need to make a a deliberate decision.

I know, that some of you were reluctant about running the payment via Patreon, because your pledge would be increased by your country VAT (usually around 23%). Maybe PayPal will be better, but we will see what the survey say.

Thank you and keep drawing!

2000 Watchers Raffle! CLOSED

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 29, 2018, 4:26 AM

Greetings friends and followers!

I'm happy to announce that I've reached 2000 watchers on DeviantART! Yay!
Thank you so much! Love

Raffle(2) by LenamoArt

Here are my gallery stats I find interesting:

LenamoArt has 63,712 pageviews in total; her 34 journals and the 225 deviations in their gallery were viewed 356,414 times. LenamoArt watches 385 deviants, while 2000 deviants watch LenamoArt.
Overall, her deviations received 2,964 comments and were added to deviants' favourites 32,125 times, while LenamoArt made 2,344 comments, about 1.07 comments per day since joining DeviantArt. 110 favourites were given for every 10 comments.
The majority of deviations are submitted to the digitalart gallery (140), while the favourite category was people > portraits with 66 deviations.

The deviation with the most comments is Arabella The Mighty with 53 comments

Arabella The Mighty by LenamoArt

while the most favourited ones are:

Daenerys in Azeroth cosplaying! by LenamoArt Aurora Borealis by LenamoArtDruid's Aureole by LenamoArt

The most viewed deviation is By the Bonfire with 17,436 views.

By the Bonfire by LenamoArt

For this occasion I've prepared a special raffle:


Grand reward:
Bust portrait commission by LenamoArt (50 EUR worth)
1200 points (3 month CORE Membership) (15 USD worth) Points
Physical copy of Resonance (book with my cover) from anneauxdelacroix
Character pixel art commission by IcesCrystal
Bust commission from Alrooney
Digital Halfbody commission from lihyan96

2nd reward:
Bust sketch commission by LenamoArt (30 EUR worth)
400 points Points 
Monochrome bust commission from Iduna-Haya
Sketch commission from Farewell-BlackParade
Halfbody sketch commission from lihyan96

3rd reward:
Bust sketch commission by LenamoArt (30 EUR worth)
120 points Points
Bust commission from LacrimareObscura
Bust sketch commission from lihyan96

4th reward (unlocked!)
150 points Points
Headshot commission from AHowDraws
Headshot commission from thebadgerfoxdraws

5th reward (unlocked!)
100 points Points
Tight-up commission from Eilrachi
Headshot commission from thebadgerfoxdraws

1 additional rewards will be unlocked when this journal will reach
100 favourites!

Examples of my bust portraits:
Examples of my bust sketches:

How to enter:

1. Watch me.
2. Share the news Nuu  by finishing the sentence "Lenamo is..." and writing something (preferably nice :P ) about my art. You need to tag me!
(for example: write a journal on DeviantART, post on Twitter or Facebook)
3. Fav +fav this journal and leave the comment below with the link to your entry.

Additional entry will be granted for:
- tagging three friends who might be interested in this raffle in the comment below
- donating a prize to the raffle - points or commission

Important info:
-you can win only one reward
- if you win you can hand over your reward to someone else
-rewards can not be exchanged for money
- Grand reward winner will be chosen by me (based on the entry awesomeness - absolutely subjective and will not be discussed, sorry), and the rest of the winners will be picked by online random number generator (more entries mean highest chance to win)
- by entering this raffle you give me the permission to use your entry in the future
- I do not take responsibility for rewards that should delivered by other people


Raffle ends 15th September 2018

Check out this awesome people who donated rewards:
:iconleilaascariz: :iconpaulaedith: :iconiduna-haya: :iconicescrystal: :iconlacrimareobscura: :iconanneauxdelacroix: :iconfarewell-blackparade: :iconalrooney: :iconpanartias: :iconlihyan96: :iconkarmikosmic: :iconahowdraws: :iconeilrachi: :iconthebadgerfoxdraws:

Thank you!

Commissions: OPEN
Commission FAQ
Drawing School(1) by LenamoArt

Greetings Friends and Watchers!

For the past few months I had been working on the courses. I already have a programme ready and a few starting lessons prepared. So all I need now are students <3

The course will focus on art fundamentals, such as perspective, use of light and shadow and composition. I'll also cover the most common mistakes and misunderstandings.
Both digital and traditional students will be welcome.

The class will start once I gather at least 5 people.
It's going to cost 15 USD per month. The price will go down when the students number will reach 10, 15 and 20, so the more the merrier (and cheaper)!

The course will last 6 months.

I'll also create a Discord server so we can discuss, and a class on Google to collect all your assignments. Awesome, right?

More details coming soon!

Would you be interested?
Feel free to ask your questions and write suggestions.

Raffle by LenamoArt

Hello everyone!
I'm about to run an awesome raffle very soon (10 more watchers to 2000!) and I'm looking for people who are willing to donate rewards such as points and commissions in exchange of being featured in my raffle-related journals and additional raffle entry!
You can donate points directly via widget in my profile. And if you wish to draw or craft something for the winner go ahead and write a comment with your offer.

Share and have fun!
Thank you! Heart

Hello everyone!
I'm a DA member for 5 years now and I'm getting really close to 2k watchers milestone! Yay!

I think this occasion deserves a celebration, don't you think?
Do you have any ideas?
Please comment below and help me prepare something awesome! Thanks!

Hello everyone!
I've decided to share some thoughts about my artistic journey here on DeviantART.

So here I am loving memes :D
Meet The Artist Meme by LenamoArt

  • How has DeviantArt factored into your artistic growth?

DA is a place where I shared my drawings for the first time.
I've started with a nickname Ayediah (or Aydiah) - the name of my character in MMO game.
I've a huge sentiment to this character and even run a contest about her!
At the time I had been submitting photo studies and sketches mostly,
because I was new to digital media and I was still learning basic techniques.
Later I started painting League of Legends fan arts, because I was playing this game A LOT.
I had been receiving encouraging feedback and constructive criticism that was sincere about shortcomings of my work.

In the meantime I've become a member of many groups.
The most difficult part was to accept the fact that my drawings (including the ones I'm the most proud of) are still imperfect and not of the quality high enough to be accepted to groups' galleries.
It was a painful thing to learn, but it let me realise that I still have a lot to learn, and there is nothing wrong with it.

In 2016 I've decided to start a professional career and changed my nickame to LenamoArt.
DA is a place where I was commissioned for a first time by anneauxdelacroix who was looking for a book cover art.
I've painted a series of illustrations for her romance novels and started a friendship!

In 2017 I've became Digital Art Community Volunteer which gave me an amazing opportunity to feature artworks that inspire me.
I was able to create an awesome gallery of my Daily Deviations and give some exposure to less known artists.
Everyday I'm browsing through hundreds of notes and submissions in my groups, and it makes me a little bit more sensitive for a beauty in its various shapes and colours.
Watch DanielaIvanova because her art features are absolutely stunning! She is a unending stream of art treasures!
:icondigitalportraitist: :icondigitalportraitart: :iconloveocs:

Right now DA is a place where I share my artworks regularly and meet new amazing people.
Here are few people, who made my artistic journey so enjoyable - thank you, guys! <3
:icongothikuk: :iconiduna-haya: :iconkabwis04: :iconsummerdreams-art: :iconchromanoxis: :iconmistermistrz: :iconcristii: :iconleilaascariz: :iconcatgirldstr11: :iconmrs-durden: :iconmikomikisomi:
(don't be mad if I didn't include you in the list - I was in rush)

  • What's the most important thing you've learned from a fellow artists?

Be helpful.
Be disciplined.
Be humble.
Learn to take critique.

  • How has your art progressed from when you first joined DeviantArt to now?

One of my first digital illustrations was Morgana in Fire - League of Legends fan art painted in 2012.
In 2018 I've painted romantic scene with two Blood Elves from World of Warcraft - Vindhyas and Vikorina.

Morgana in Fire by LenamoArtCommission: Vindhyas and Vikorina by LenamoArt

Draw it again: Silence by LenamoArtDraw this Again: Druid's aureole by by LenamoArtWhispers from the past - Draw it again meme by LenamoArt

  • How do you imagine your art progressing eighteen years from now?

I would love to be able to paint more of what inspires me the most - dark romantic beauty and myths.
Right now I have only 24 hours per day to paint, sleep and enjoy my family-time, so I'm really grateful to my Patrons for supporting me <3

I really enjoy teaching so it would be awesome to work as a digital art teacher.

Thank you for reading!

Hello everyone!
It took me some time to finish all three portraits, but I prefer to give my drawings a lot of attention instead of finishing them fast. I was trying to paint this portraits in a way that would enhance the character's features and traits - what do you think?

I really wanted to post them all at once, hence delay, but here they are!

1st place:
Lady Yasenkhana by LenamoArt

2nd place:

Lacrima by LenamoArt

3rd place:
Androixa by LenamoArt

I would like to thank all of the people who supported me on Patreon, because they made this contest possible.

Hello everyone!
I've a pleasure to announce winners of my Birthday Contest! It was really hard to pick only 3 pictures, so this journal is a little bit delayed. Sorry about it!

I would like to thank all of you who had painted my original character or spread the news about this contest. I feel really happy that you spend your time to celebrate with me.
Thank you so much! <3

And now the winners!

1st place:
Sanctuary by Iduna-Haya
There is something about the mood and the style of this illustration that makes it feels just right for my Ayediah.
Serene. Guarding. Noble.
I adore the composition and really original style that merges clean flat surfaces with smooth gradients and details. Somehow it reminds me art nouveau style.
And this hair flow... <3


2nd place:
Ayediahs secret place (Contest Entry - 2nd Place) by LacrimareObscura
I can easily imagine Ayediah sitting next to the forest stream, patting magical dear with roses blooming from its antlers.
The lights reminds me of glowing petals or seeds falling dawn from ancient, mythical tree.
I would love to hear a story behind this picture. It's so inspiring!


3rd place:
Ayediah by Aya-Lunar
This outfit is just gorgeous! And the staff design is amazing and perfect for Ayediah!
I really like how the background complements the rest of the portrait - when I look on this sky I think of nebulas.
Beautiful colour choice!


Honourable mentions:

Ayediah [CE] by LeilaAscarizImg 20180418 205738989 by LuuneYooseiAyediah  by x3mely


Please contact me via email or send me filled commission form
Please make sure to mention that you just won my contest :)

 Heart Thank you again! Heart 
Hello guys!
I'm currently engaged in bigger project but I have few more commission spots for May open if you would like to get an illustration from me :)

My latest pictures were concentrated around WoW fanarts but I think they are all gorgeous!
My average price for a portrait is 60 EUR and 120 EUR for an illustration. Please check out my commission journal for more detailed info about pictures and pricing.

Please contact me via email or use commission form on my webpage.

Commission: Vindhyas and Vikorina by LenamoArt
Commission Campfire by LenamoArt
Commission: Toliare and Enedion Featherstep by LenamoArtCommission: Taluciela by LenamoArt

  • Reading: The Mistborn
  • Playing: Invisible Inc.
  • Drinking: cherry tea