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not cray0lla anymore
[An Anonymous Deviant gave you a Premium Membership!]
thank you, Anonymous =)
Amazing things happen with me.
Now I have 3 month of free premium membership, given by an anonimous ( thank you anonimous!!)), and this is really awesome and amazing and shoking and I'm just so so glad about this.!
And the second is that the one of my works has 8 thousands of views, plus 751 faves. Frankly, this is really absolutely amazing thing!! =)
thanks a lot everyone!!! =DDDD
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1 year on Deviantart!
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this is amazing!
today i realized that on one of my faves work is not only faved by me!
It has over 10.000 views, actually 11,124 views. it's really very important for me
thnx for support guys, & thnx for faves!

you can see this pic here:…
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blog -
flickr -…
formspring -

add me if you want =)
Hey guys!
Thnx everyone for the congrats)
I'm very pleased!!)

so, I'm older for one more year now)
there's nothing new.
no photos, no emotions.
I'm tired
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Guys, what is Llama Badge? o_O
Hi, I'm Lena.
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