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Wonder Woman in No Man's Land

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Published: June 9, 2017
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One more Winder Woman because it's never enough :)
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Rebekah-NappaProfessional Filmographer
Great style. I saw the thumbnail in the 'More from DeviantArt' section and I thought, "Oooh, that could be cool." I clicked here and I wasn't disappointed in the slightest.

This is so cool I don't know where to start. The facial expression comes off strong. I love the background, the colors, but the style really takes the cake. Thank you for sharing!
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Midnight-LovestruckHobbyist General Artist
She looks stunning and fantastic! Great work!
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Venus-The-GeniusHobbyist Filmographer
pink heart bullet light pink heart bullet light pink heart bullet Pixel: Rainbow Heart Custom heart [Crystal Blue] 
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PhoenixCreedHobbyist Digital Artist
did I just realize the secret meaning of Wonder "Woman" leading the charge into no "mans" land?

Fantastic pic!
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That is determination.
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Best scene in the movie!
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She's absolutely fierce. ^-^
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CobraCatDragon2898Student Digital Artist
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NarutoByAriStudent Digital Artist
Amazing can you draw karin uzumaki as wonder woman maybee
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Dawn2NightfallProfessional Digital Artist
One of the greatest scenes of the movie! It may be no man's land but it sure is now wonder woman's land! :D
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renz5070Hobbyist Artist
Myself I noticed a repeating theme in the DCEU villains in regards to a question almost all the movies ask in their own way, 'is mankind worth saving?' and the villains represent the answer 'no'. 
Zod: No because humankind is less evolved than other older, more powerful cosmic races that 'deserve' to exist more. And because Zod never had the chance to be anything different, witch is a tragedy. 
And I will even say, that Zod is perhaps the most tragi cvillian in DC so fare:( (Sad) 

Luthor: No, because humankind will always be corrupted by power. 

Ares: No, because humankind will always choose to give into their lust for violence. 

Ares I think makes one of the clearer arguments in that because of him Diana realizes that although she can battle the evils of man she cannot defeat the power of choice. And as long as people are able to choose between good and evil, there will always be evil in the world. 

Diana left the battlefield no doubt because she would have felt like Sisyphus, pushing that boulder up a hill only for it to roll back down again and repeating for all eternity. 
True. And in a way, Ares was right. 
Because even after he died, the war continued into WW2 and many other conflicts. So I will even go as far as to say that he was right, and that mankind is destroying the only world they will even have. 

PS: Fun point. The God does exist in DC. So I think the Titans of the old world, were the engles in DC. And the Different Gods where the children of them, and the demigods - like Diana - are the ofsprings from them. So Diana is in a way a half granddaughter of fallen angles of the old world. 

They talk about this in Suicide Squad, because Enchantress and Incubus whom are over 6000 years old, have actually seen this being.


What do you think :) (Smile) ?
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She’s also a reincarnation of a murdered Neanderthal infant. Although, I would argue her previous incarnation’s father killed her and her mother by accident, apparently that’s still enough to qualify for the Well of Souls.
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maravilhoso parabens !!!
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lenadrofranciProfessional Digital Artist
valeu, mano!
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lenadrofranciProfessional Digital Artist
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StudioBondProfessional Digital Artist
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lenadrofranciProfessional Digital Artist
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nightinpinkunderwearHobbyist General Artist
great job
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