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Sailor Moon

My version of Sailor Moon.
Probably the last one i'll ever make. No more Sailor Senshi! =P

Other Sailor Senshi:
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This is by far the best fan art of sailor moon I've seen yet, amazing.
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thanks! wowzers, i made this 6 years ago lol
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Its like drama version sailor moon! Nice work! :D
Ariashvel's avatar
Nice asian sailor moon :) looks odd but...interesting
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Your versions of the senshis really look good =)
I like how you changed their uniforms and the semi-realistic style.
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She Looks so cute. :3
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Love the art
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it's too bad you aren't gonna make any more.. it's really well done and very pretty!!:D
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deberían hacer una película con este estilo de sailor moon
kymyit's avatar
Ok, she's one of my favourite in your series of senshi *^*
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Man thats so good :D
Mihoying's avatar
Eu nunca vi nada igual e tao bem representado.
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é, ja me falaram q eu consegui captar a cara de retardada dela hahahaha
Mihoying's avatar
Sim ahahaha imagino que se ela fosse real seria assim mesmo , bem maluquinha rs
AerynDiana's avatar
Oh no! These are lovely! I love the costumes, the style and especially the faces and personalities are perfect! More please!! :nod:
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