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Sailor Mercury

My version of Sailor Mercury.
Ok, i do know her hair is blue, and I do know her hairstyle is different. But I like it this way =P
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Oh!!  I like your version very much!!  Beautiful work!
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This dress looks very cute in blue!
Would you allow me to put this as my phone background?
lenadrofranci's avatar
sure, just don't make any commercial use of it ;)
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This is SUCH a great series! I really wish you'd do the rest - I love your interpretation of the senshi, and your artistic style is fantastic! No chance of ever seeing Pluto, Neptune, and/or Uranus? Or Chibi Moon? Or Galaxia? Or the Stars? :)  In any case - VERY well-done! I love all of these!
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I really don't think I'm going back to Sailor Senshi so soon.
Can't say never, but for now, I'm done with them.
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My favorite senshi! :iconawwwplz: So adorable and pretty! You certainly did well in depicting her sweet character!
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I actually prefer how you did her hair, makes her seem more real in my opinion <3
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Aaah, it's so pretty! Great work!
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Linda e eu adoro o fato de vc nao ter colocado o cabelo azul, ja que a foto é pra ser realista, de fato um cabelo azul nao combinaria com a personalidade da sailor mercury se ela fosse real. Perfeito!
lenadrofranci's avatar
é, eu nao acho muito condizente com a realidade ela ter cabelo azul. nao q elas estejam hiper realistas, nem era a minha intenção. mas estava ficando esquisito com cabelo azul.
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Esta realista sim, nao seja modesto rs, ainda nao da pra confundir com um humano real , mas acho que isso ainda nao existe por aí.
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woah.....thats really awsome!
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Wow, that's awesome!! She looks so real! How did you do her hair?
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