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Sailor Jupiter

My version of Sailor Jupiter.
This did not turn out that good... =/

Other Sailor Senshi:
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This is absolutely gorgeous, love your work!
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You tried and I think you did well!
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Hi! Someone is using your art in this contest… did you authorize this?
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yeah, someone from the event contacted me about it, and they are removing the entry from there soon. but thanks for warning me!
this is becoming a problem, it's not the first time.
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I like her mischievous expression
garnetrising's avatar
I disagree with it "not turning out that good"; she's beautiful. <3
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amazing work
Archange-st-Michael's avatar
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ReeLumi's avatar
She'll always be my favorite :D
kymyit's avatar
but she's so awesome **
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O que mais me impressiona sao os cabelos. Eu nao canso de olhar
lenadrofranci's avatar
eu gosto de fazer cabelos, tem toda uma dinâmica q é bem desafiador de acertar sem fica parecendo um CG bizarro.
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I love these! I love sailor moon ^_^ Great job. :)
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Wow! What a way to add some realness! This is easily one of the best realistic Sailor Moon drawings I've ever seen!! I love how polished you made this!!
Any plans to do Uranus, Neptune or Pluto? I know you're probably tired of people asking that, but if you did do them, they would be amazing.
KinjiraretaNingyou's avatar
That's incredible! So pretty :heart:
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