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:iconlenacrafter:LenaCrafter posted a status
you guys are probably wondering who that umbreon is that I posted...well ill tell you. Her name is midnight and she is one of the many characters in my new eeveelution comic called Eeveelution Nonsense!!! The comic isn't coming out until August but Im still going to be posting pictures of the characters and make a page for the questions and answers and I cant forget about the poke-pact. Well don't worry for those deviants who like it. I will still write the story and ill start the comic for it around august as well. So im going to be quite busy  in august so i wont have make time for birthday presents. Just remember that if your birthday is coming up then give me a comment on my profile that you want me to make you a gift. Remember to check out all of my stuff and aill cya later. Hi! 

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