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:iconlenacrafter:LenaCrafter posted a status
Boy do I have a story for you guys... Well I was helping out my Dad chop wood, he was chainsawing it and I was loading it... Im not sure what happened... Maybe when I bent down to pick up the wood it happened but... Ive Pinched a nerve in my neck... I WAS REALLY WANTING TO DRAW TODAY AS WELL! But if I try to look up at the computer screen and stay like that then my neck tenses and I wont be there for longer than 5 minutes... I can barely move my head around... Im out of action... Im not sure when my neck will recover but I still try to draw stuff and Ill keep you guys updated on stuff so I leave you all in the dark.... Thanks for understanding... :D

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Fluffypow20912 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Make sure to go easy on yourself!
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