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Im Starting a new thing called "Random Gifts" Which is something I decided to do for my watchers and friends. On the 16th of each month I will give out a random gift to anyone who watches me or any of my friends. The gift will range from a drawing of your OC or an awesome Avatar.

Must I say anything else? Nah...
Hi everyone! Yes its true. I am making a dub for the Poke-Pact. Or at the very least. Im looking for auditions for voices. Because chapter 1 hasn't even been completed... I can say that the dub it self probably wont come out until 2019. But the point is that Im looking for voices for my characters. Im always putting on new roles so be sure to check it out every now and again.

Here's the link in case your interested in auditioning.…

Auditions Close on 12th of July so you have plenty of time to sign up

Have fun and I hope you audition!

(Also if you want to help me animate and produce the Poke-Pact once I start making the dub then just private message me on casting call club or ill probably put up a roll for it.
I want a lot of cameos and there will be plenty of time to show them more than once within the comic. Hopefully by the time I get to chapter 2 my art style would have improved. Like with shades and scenery. Ok so im hoping to get about 50 cameos appear in the comic. Im not too worried if I dont get that many though. Only the first 50 entries will be accepted because I dont want any more than that... You can submit any kind of pokemon. even fakemon. as long as its an OC of yours then I will accept it to be in the cameo. You can submit more than one entry as well. Well let me list out the rules so you can better understand.


1. Can submit up to 2 cameo entries

2. Can submit any kind of pokemon, even fakemons

3. You must submit an OC character that belongs to you.

4. Please submit an artwork of the entry and not just a name. (Please state gender of OC)

5. This Cameo will go until I reach page 35 in chapter 1. You have until then to submit something.


1. :icongabthenostalgic:  Rebecca The Riolu
2. :iconlattelady17: Theo The Typhlosion
3. :iconedwars1999: Ed The Charmander
4. :iconmickeymario64: Mark The Pikachu
5. :iconmickeymario64: Jake The Oshawott
6. :iconfluffypow20912: Crystal The Eevee
7. :iconfluffypow20912: Brendan The Shinx
8. :iconrogerdelmar: Roger The Pikachu

Thank you for submitting an entry :D

Please share this Cameo with others!!!
so i recently reached 100 watchers which I feel is pretty special :D I wanted to celebrate it with you guys by having a fun raffle. OK so here are the rules on how to enter.

1. You can only enter if you are a watcher (if you are not a watcher and is reading this then go slap the watch button and run back over here so you can enter)

2. Comment 'ENTRY' and you will be in to win! (I wont reply to a submission saying that your in, your entry will automatically be added to the draw)

3. WAIT! (The winner will be drawn on the 28th of April at 5:00 pm Pacific Time)

Now im sure you have been wondering what the prize is. The prize is a custom Avatar for your profile. You dont need to use it but it will probably be drawn similar to mine :D So if your interested in a free custom avatar of any Pokemon you want or any Pokemon OC you have, then this raffle is defiantly for you.

Good Luck!!!
Well its been almost a whole year since I started drawing Pokemon with my drawing tablet... At the moment I feel as though there are people I know IRL who aren't really liking my Pokemon drawings or find them boring because its all I draw (Although I know that all of you guys like them :D) So i was maybe going to make a change... Still draw Pokemon but start drawing anime characters... Not characters from a specific anime like Naruto or SAO... Just anime people... I didn't want to submit this as a submission so Im putting it here... What do you think of this and should I continue drawing anime and start digitally drawing them and even post some?

20180409 114328 by LenaCrafter
Hi guys as you know I an making a new comic called Eeveelution DRIFT and in the comic prologue and in the beginning of chapter 1 there are a few random characters that appear so if you have an Eeveelution that belongs to you (Including Eevee) then you can submit it here and you can get your character appear in the comic!!! I will defiantly do this again so if you dont make it in this time then you will hopefully be able to make in in next time. There will only be 20 entries (Changed it to 15 entries srry) and if they fill up before the expiry date then they will automatically be submitted. I will post a status on who has been selected on the the 25th. (Extended date 28th) And be sure you send a photo of the eeveelution (or eevee) otherwise your entry will be denied. You can submit up to 2 entries. Entries end 24th March (Extended 27th) Pacific Time.


1. :iconmickeymario64: Kira The Eevee

2. :iconmeta-z: Wister The Eevee

3. :icongabthenostalgic: Flo The Eevee

4. :iconcubexmaster: Mason The Umbreon

5. :iconookumo: Pearl The Umbreon

6. :iconcatdogjoe: Joe The Eevee

7. :iconkenthenekomata: Jamie The Espeon

8. :iconrobertminecraft888: Jason The Umbreon

9. :iconpimbarabbit: Freek The Eevee

10. :iconguyromaster: Saiyex The Male Sylveon

11. :iconsupereeveefan12: Jacks The Mew (As an Eevee)

12. :iconparnistukise852x: Karabolkyanishavikon the Male Glaceon

13. :iconalivegoku21212: Saved Spot

14. :iconookumo: Steven The Glaceon

15. :iconxael-the-artist: Ebisu the Sylveon

I think that this is how your supposed to make Q-A pages so im doing it like this now.

ok ok before we get into this... I would like to say one thing before listing the rules...


ok here we go.


1. You can ask a question to any character I have either drawn or you have seen in A comic

2. Like I said before... Plz dont spam.

3. Gender swaps are allowed but they will only last for 3 questions for that character.

4. Bodies swaps are also allowed but the same rules apply to them. They will only last 3 questions.

5. Try not to ask anything that could be a spoiler for the comic.


7. Please respect each other....

8. Have fun

9. You can ask literally any character from any comic a question.

10. You can ask as many questions as you like. By spamming I mean dont spam the same question.


This is so then you know what each character is being subjected to without having to look at all the Q-A's.

Leo The Pikachu: At the moment he is a Pichu and in a cave.

Pascal The Eevee: Was just reverted back into an Eevee and a girl after being a Sylveon and a boy.

Azul The Riolu: Was just asked out on a date.

Maxwell The Absol: Was turned Into an Umbreon.

EVERY OTHER OC: Nothings going on.
Ok so it seems that everyone wants me to use option three. if you dont know what option 3 is then click here to see the previous journal ----> Which Leo (Pikachu) Design? 

So I just have one more thing to get clear... Which hair style should he have (I just edited the original so the drawings are practically the same...

Just so you guys know. I really like option 2 but I still want to know your guys opinion.


Option 1. (Original)

Leo is short... by LenaCrafter

Option 2. (Edited)

Leo Is Short 2 by LenaCrafter
Im sick of re designing Leo. PLZ HELP ME!!!

Which one is the best???

Leo NEW NEW Design... (No Idea..) by LenaCrafter

I talked about doing this before and a lot of people wanted me to change my avatar... My current avatar is a birthday gift that was given to me last year around July.... So since Iv'e almost had it for I whole year Iv'e decided that I want to change it... Maybe...

ok so I picked out a few drawings that I may use... You guys can pick which one you like the most!!! I want your opinion on this!!!

OPTION 1: Elena The Mew

Elena The Mew by LenaCrafter

OPTION 2: Leo The Pikachu

OPTION 3: Current Avatar

My Birthday Gift by LenaCrafter

Plz Help me decide...
Sorry guys but ill be taking the week off due to my drawing pad's pen being unable to pan/scroll. I was drawing today working on a re drawn comic page then suddenly my pen stooped pan/scrolling and I find it very annoying to use my mouse to zoom out then in to re possession my drawing space... Well I mean its not like I cant draw at all but it is now very uncomfortable whenever I draw... I might get one and if we are lucky, two drawings out this week... And yes... I have gone to my pad settings to try and reset the pen then set it to pan/scroll... It didn't work... I also restarted the computer but that also didn't work... I draw on OpenCanvas6 so if anyone knows how I can fix this predicament Im in then please advise me one what I could do because drawing has become something Im not excited to do...

Also I have realized how overly formal this is...

RIP Pad Pen...

Plz Help...
Hi guys. as we should all know, Its a new year and Im very late with posting this knowing that its 16th... (Pacific Time) Anyways I thought I would just share with you all my drawing related goals for this year. Some of them are easy while others may take a while.

1. OBTAIN 100 WATCHERS. (Completed)

Im actually really close with this one because Im at 79??? Well your awesome if your a watcher of mine!!! (Thumbs up) Cheers to you!!! So yeah if your not already watching me (That totally sound normal...) Then please do... (That still totally sounds normal...) Uhhh....Ummm... Why did they have to be called watchers....

2. SUBMIT 100 POSTS. (Completed)

Again Im very close with this one and I can see it being completed before school starts. I think im at 91 or something around there... Well if you are a watcher then please check out my stuff... And please comment... Even if its just a "good job" or "Nice" or even "Its very cool" then I will be soooo happy... Comments are awesome.!!!\


Ok so I picked this for a reason... In my comic The Poke-Pact (Poke-Pact Title (New)) There is one specific page that for some reason has 200 views and almost every other page has under 100... Im not putting the link to the page because that will just give it more views and defeat the purpose of this goal... (It will actually do the opposite... Here's the page... Poke-Pact Chapter 1 - 8 ) Im just confused why... Did someone keep going back and forth between pages???? IT MAKES NO SENSE!!! Maybe its because the original copy of the page had blood in it so I had to make it "Mature content" and I wanted my comic to be PG for the kids so I guess that while it was mature content lots of people wanted to know why so they clicked it. But even now that it isn't mature content it still has received over 50 views in the past month while other things only get viewed 20 times within a month. (I know that sounds sad...) So im actually unsure why this is happening... so if your a watcher on mine then... please view more... 


Um I dont know about that title... I mean "Birthday Drawing Gifts??" Ehh whatever... So I love giving gifts to others on their B-day!! It was actually :iconzander-the-artist: who inspired me to start giving birthday gifts when I had asked him to give me one even though he hardy knew me. But he did and I thought that I should do the same for others...  So if your birthday is coming up... Even if your not a watcher of mine... Then please tell me because I would be happy to whip something up for you!!!


Meh... I ran out of goals so... yeah...
Ive decided to redraw my comic pages to my new found style. so I wont post any new pages for a while. on top of that Im now help :iconfluffypow20912: on their new comic ALPHA SQUAD. So be sure to check that out if you haven't.. and if you have then... Good job!!!
I feel as if sometimes I draw in one style then sometimes i another style!!

Compare these drawing that were drawn 10 days apart.

 1 Dec
Stargazing... by LenaCrafter

11 Dec
Vulpix's Together by LenaCrafter

The styles are sooo different.
Ive done this before but im unsure if I should do it again...

Old Q-A Page 
Q-A (Asking Page) by LenaCrafter

Cause doing Q and A is fun and lots of people do it... But im just unsure..

What do you guys think... Should I start up a new Q and A Page???

Leave a comment please :D
Anyone have any shading tips for me???? Im ok at it but I would like to improve.
I just have a quick question.

At the moment this is my Avatar..

My Birthday Gift by LenaCrafter

Im wondering if I should change it to this...

Stargazing... by LenaCrafter

What do you think???
But I dont want to do it unless you guys like the idea.
So be sure to leave a comment if you want me to keep my current avatar or if you want me to change it to this one, or you might have some other third opinion...
Ive made my life harder by giving myself too much stuff to draw. BUT IDC!!! (I dont care) So I made this list so I can mark off all the stuff I still need to draw.

 :D (Big Grin) > FINISHED!!! 
Sweating a little...> IM NOT DONE OR I HAVEN'T STARTED!!!  

- Espeon Request :D (Big Grin) 
Espeon Request by LenaCrafter

- Poke Pact next Pg :D (Big Grin) 
Poke-Pact Chapter 1 - 8 by LenaCrafter

- Redraw the first four Poke Pact Pg's :D (Big Grin)  
    Poke-Pact CHAPTER 1: No Where Near Home by LenaCrafter Poke-Pact Chapter 1 - 1 by LenaCrafter
    Poke-Pact Chapter 1 -2 by LenaCrafter Poke-Pact Chapter 1 - 3 by LenaCrafter

- Pokemon Request Flo and Jeremy Sweating a little... 

- Pokemon 3 Day Challenge :D (Big Grin) 
- Day 1 :D (Big Grin) 
Poke Challenge Day 1 by LenaCrafter

- Day 2 :D (Big Grin)   
Poke Challenge Day 2 by LenaCrafter

- Day 3 :D (Big Grin) 
Poke Challenge Day 3 by LenaCrafter

- Seasonal Leafeon Request :D (Big Grin) 
Drawing Request (Seasonal Leafeon) by LenaCrafter

Im going to try and get through all of these things in 2 weeks... I hope I can do it...

Im doing a 3 day Pokemon drawing challenge. Because Im not busy enough with school work and my other drawings. Sweating a little... 

Anyways so how this works is I draw 3 Pokemon drawings of my selection from generation 1. (ONLY GEN 1) Each day and on my third day I will nominate 3 other people to do the challenge then they can nominate 3 people and I guess it goes on.

If you get nominated then you dont have to do it but it would be cool if you participated. :D

The Pokemon Im Going to draw.

Day 1 - Vaporeon (A Pokemon ive been meaning to draw for a long time but just haven't gotten around to it.)

Day 2 - Raichu (I draw Pikachu a lot so maybe Raichu wont be that different.)

Day 3 - Mew (Who wouldn't draw mew??)

Ok there is one more thing.

The Challenge begins one the 16th Of November NZ time. If you want to start along side me then feel free to.

Just comment: 3 Day Poke Challenge!!!

And you can be part of the fun!!! Ok well ill cya on the 16th with my first drawing!! 

Ok so you know how in my last journal I mentioned how I wanted to re draw my first 4 comics?

Well I decided not to. Well I decided to just redraw the eyes because they are the only thing that make me not want to read my comic. I might fix the bodies a little but otherwise I think that it is a better idea to just keep the artwork ive done. Comment what you think about my decision... :D