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Dont worry if you looking for something specific everything are in folders just click 'Browse Gallery' and find what your looking for.


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Pokemon Avatar (Just OC)
Avatar (CinaminBunLike2Draw) by LenaCrafter

These Commissions will be more detailed than the other Avatar Commission but Im not making them more expensive because people could like the other Avatars more than these ones. So basically you tell me what OC you want done and Ill write your User next to it. Not much more to say.
Pokemon Avatars (OC Holding Username)
Avatar (Ookumo) by LenaCrafter Avatar (LenaCrafter) by LenaCrafter

This Commission will give you an Avatar of one of your OC's holding your username. Like my Avatar. Its not that expensive because I dont want it to be. I would usually do this for free if someone requests it but because my plate has gotten very full, All Avatars I do will have to be commissions. (Accept the Random gift Avatars because their gifts from me not someone wanting an Avatar.) I might make them more expensive later on. It depends on how popular they become.


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Im Starting a new thing called "Random Gifts" Which is something I decided to do for my watchers and friends. On the 16th of each month I will give out a random gift to anyone who watches me or any of my friends. The gift will range from a drawing of your OC or an awesome Avatar.

Must I say anything else? Nah...
Hi everyone! Yes its true. I am making a dub for the Poke-Pact. Or at the very least. Im looking for auditions for voices. Because chapter 1 hasn't even been completed... I can say that the dub it self probably wont come out until 2019. But the point is that Im looking for voices for my characters. Im always putting on new roles so be sure to check it out every now and again.

Here's the link in case your interested in auditioning.…

Auditions Close on 12th of July so you have plenty of time to sign up

Have fun and I hope you audition!

(Also if you want to help me animate and produce the Poke-Pact once I start making the dub then just private message me on casting call club or ill probably put up a roll for it.




Lol I wish I could Poll but CORE is not worth it. Anyways.

Would you say my art is good?

Is there anything I could do to improve my art?
Wow got a few pages out. That dosnt happen often XD
Im going to change Leo's Hairstyle in the comic? Or should I have pages about him getting a haircut? Maybe in chapter 2 or 3?
I think I color my pikachu in too yellow... Im going to start coloring them in a bit more orange but not too much.


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