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vulpiqua poster

By len-yan
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third night in a row spent doing projects for finals x___x
but the mock game poster for the chara design class is finally done. i'll be handing it in in an hour or two, wish me luck '''orz

features characters from: [link] and [link]

many mistakes done but hey, i'm still learning TT^TT


characters (c) =len-yan

done in SAI + photoshop cs3
unknown amount of time...
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the white woman with red eyes and lips is pretty good. absolutaly :) Don't you have her with red nails in other picture?? I realy like it and want it for mine desktop :) If you do, please send me on Zera@centrum.sk Thank you so much, your pictures are absolutaly unique, (shoes, you gave to your women are awsome and bizarre :) )
Thank you very much once again, have a nice day :)
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mayyichHobbyist Traditional Artist
so cute, i love the colors!! good job
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ZikkaHobbyist Traditional Artist

I've always wanted to play a game where you create an anthro chara!
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Piicsou General Artist
Ooh ! I'm in love with the girl to right ! *.*
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GrendelvsProfessional Writer
i love the V and A in the title! the nine-tailed fox, that's from Japanese mythology, innit? the Miho or something?

this is good stuff.
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SlotheriuSProfessional Digital Artist
Hello there, would you be interested in allowing me to use your artwork for a student project? I am in need of four posters for the Cinema Scene and as we are hoping to enter the final animation into film festivals at end of year, we are unable to use images from the net due to copyright issues.. I'd be very grateful if you'd be interested as the project is coming to a close. Of course your name will be mention in the credits :)
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shiroi-youkaiHobbyist Traditional Artist
nice ;3
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AthenasojosdelechuzaProfessional Digital Artist
Very nice, I love it!
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eddielynnHobbyist Digital Artist
Lady-Tam's avatar
very nice!
Hellsamess's avatar
If this was a real game, I'd totally buy it just from that cover.
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AshiichanHobbyist General Artist
This is so cute! I love how you designed the characters in a good balance of human/animal combination, without overdoing anything. It makes me want to know what the story is!
Vampyre-Lover's avatar
Nice Poster!!! Love the design...
DarkenConfusion's avatar
I would totally buy it O___O
looks really great!
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If this ever becomes a game I will so play it.
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Serah-FarronProfessional Digital Artist
Omg, it is really gorgeous!!
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DarkTiger-exHobbyist Digital Artist
Barrdzo fajna okładka :3 to mi się podoba ^^

A czy możesz mi powiedzieć o programie SAI?
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that reminds me of the anime Spice and Wolf
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DreamsUnderStarlightHobbyist Traditional Artist
O.O!! Fox-people! I would play this game in a heartbeat!
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언니가 최고라능 >_</
Keiisah's avatar
I really love your character designs ♥ I'd want to play this~!!!!
floofal's avatar
so cool!
DeaDraco's avatar
U are still learning O____O!?!!??!?!! .... let me learn from you , U are so talented!!!!
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MikandiiHobbyist Digital Artist
omg this is absolutely wonderful!!!! i adore your coloring style!
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