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i like drawing young, attractive female characters as much as any other person but this time i wanted to mix things up a bit. have a quick portrait of Ursa, a female warrior who survived long enough on the battlefield to reach the middle age. i'm curious to see how the community will receive her.


this work on tumblr:…


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I was searching for some inspiration for warrior stances to draw and stumbled upon this masterpiece. She looks so stunning and i'm not gonna lie, i hope my RP character will live to that age and look nearly as good <3

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Elderly women in armor are more badass, because you know they been through alot. Perfect, just perfect!
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I am definitely playing a paladin/fighter character in my next D&D campaign using this portrait!
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SO refreshing to see a confident mature woman in armour. Love her stone cold facial expression and the beast-embossed shoulder guard details 🤓
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Finally. I honestly love when a character feels unique, and this one for sure is. A mature, strong female knights, that's a really rare sight which is a shame
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Kinda cool. Would like to see her in action.
Honest to God, this is the most unique and awesome picture I've seen of a female character in a long, long time.
There are thirteen a dozen pictures of young, pretty female warriors who have poses and looks that suggest that they are walking onto a cat-walk.

This lady has a look that says decades of combat and an expression that declares that the toll is not only physical, it's mental too.
Damn powerful!
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This is utterly fabulous.
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I think she's awesome!!!! Do you do commissions? I would like some bear warrior art for my musical project.
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Well done. An honest reminder that surviving battles, even as a winner, takes it's toll. You've captured that in both the scars but also the look.
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It's far more difficult than it should be to find pictures of badass older people, especially women. Thanks for this; it's awesome both for that reason and for being great art on its own!
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Easily one of my favorite fantasy pieces I've ever seen. Not just for the fact that you've drawn a grizzled old woman warrior, either. The lighting is amazing, I love the simplicity in the armor compared to most fantasy sets, the brush style: it's all so good!
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This is just PERFECT
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very intense! *_*
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This is brilliant! Even more so since there is such a dearth of older female heroes/warriors! This is a character with actual...well...character. I also love her armour and that piercing expression. Very well done! Clap 
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Holy heck, this picture is all kinds of awesome!!
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extremely well received over here!
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There's so much story to her just by looking at her face. Wow!
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She looks like a total badass. I love her name too. That, paired with the armor tells a story about her by itself.

The colors and lines are beautiful too. This is an all around excellent piece.
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She is tired of everyone's bullshit, you can see it in her eyes. Truly amazing work, love the quite origininality.
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F*ck yes, more battle-scarred, realistically-armored women, please.
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For your amazing art skills and for this piece especially, you gain a watch. A female warrior wearing practical armor, with scars on her face to symbolize the many tough battles of the past, possessing the age of one who is experienced, and the air of one who will bravely and fiercely fight until the day she is slain?  

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