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June 16, 2010
tiger skin by =len-yan
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tiger skin

o hai
long time no see

i started this picture in october last year, then it was lying around and gathering dust in a dark corner of my hdd for a few months to be finally taken out again and redrawn. in the end you get the product you can see above.

i know exactly how much is messed up with this picture since my beloved teacher didn't spare me any and told me exacly why and how much it sucks lol~ (and let me tell you, i wouldn't change him to anyone else! he can see problems that i cannot yet and i believe under his guidance i will improve alot^^) the title was chosen after the only part he said i did okay at. still, this one took alot of work and i feel i learned a thing or two while drawing it, so i decided to share^^

i shall most likely use this picture for my school club charadesign piece. we're supposed to take part in a contest but i have no money to enter lol

anyway, enjoy the dragonesque hunter lady of doom~ good resolution, for once '''''orz...


character (c) =len-yan
SAI + photoshop cs3
unknown amount of time
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© 2010 - 2021 len-yan
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Rokusanuuu's avatar
I absolutely love this! May I cosplay this lovely piece of art? :D
ILikeCommas's avatar
The work was worth it!
contmike's avatar
Great concept! :) I made a 3D model based on this. [link]
MestreAll's avatar
awesome work dude...
Keep in this way...
Nymeria2803's avatar
I want the costume such as this!
Kurysu's avatar
I love her outfit :heart: It's amazing!! :iconiloveyouplz:
MissDommys's avatar
cinemajack's avatar
she's rockin'! =D
kiradeathreaper's avatar
wow amazing, Im jealous of your skill. ^^
KivaSan-Ae's avatar
Note on my last comment: My intention is not to criticise your art teacher's opinion...I'm sure he's amazing, which is why I would like to know what he said.
KivaSan-Ae's avatar
I am dead curious now...what on earth did your art teacher say was wrong with this? I think it looks perfect. Would you be prepared to share that?
len-yan's avatar
well, to make it fairly short, it was something along the lines of: the face isn't pretty enough, the colours are weird, my shading is wrong (especially shadows where i tend to use too dark colours and kill all the details), the shape doesn't look good (that one i'm guessing was about anatomy and posing) and there is no clear idea behind the design. i also still have problems with textures. after months of practice i think i know what he meant. i couldn't see most of it back then. i'd also like to believe i improved some. he helped me so much~
KivaSan-Ae's avatar
Wow! Even for a brief description that was really interesting and informative. Sounds like he pushed you really hard - but that explains why your art is so good :) It's still a really nice pic though :) Thanks so much for sharing that!
3V1LG3N15's avatar
Wow...I love the color scheme and the shadows are clean and well place.
AedanBeld's avatar
I like it quite a bit! Lol but platform shoes???????
shadowyzman's avatar
Nice :)

By the way im arranging a contest if you're interested
srougas's avatar
Fantastic, I love your work. :)
TranquilSmile's avatar
This is sooo cool. May I ask, what do you use photoshop for and what do you do in SAI? :3
len-yan's avatar
um, it's been a while so i'm not sure if i remember correctly but i think i did the main colouring in sai, then adjusted curves/saturation and added gradients in photoshop.
tsurfergirl's avatar
I really like this piece; what I appreciate most is... well okay the two things I appreciate most are A) The creativity used throughout the clothing and accessories, and B) How her outfit is technically sexy, but she doesn't look slutty because of it. It's very nice. Great work!!
ArsenicCyanide's avatar
:O Your teacher is insane. This is amazing. <3 I love it so much in every way.
After studying if for like 10 minutes to try and find any flaw whatsoever the only thing that looks off to me is her legs. Like the knee on the left is lower than the other. And i think i didn't see it at first because of the way her hip is tilted but even if her hips were tilted if the knee were lower i think the other leg would have to be straighter or the feet whould have to be at different levels? Maybe? I'm no pro at anatomy so I have no clue and I only said that was a 'flaw' because I was trying to find anything wrong with it.
It's amazing. And perfect. (: I really like it.
ClaudiaStorming's avatar
Omg she's just hot O.O Great job <3 love it =D
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