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rat rider

By len-yan
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late again '''orz.....

**happy year of rat**


character (c) len-yan

lineart: pencil
colours: opencanvas1 & photoshop7
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mi fantasy come tru ❤️❤️❤️
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how do i add this to my favorites? may I?
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O.o Nice. really good piece. Traditional or software?
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Adorable, in all senses of the word<3
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very cute!!
i love this dowing!
Poetic-Pirates-Inc's avatar
They make such a dashing pair! <3
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A long time ago I made a little saddle for my rat xD
Checkerthehedgehog's avatar
i love ratties
captainschlumpy's avatar
I love this little character!
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Rat has got strange head, but it's still sweet :3
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I'd like to say cute, but that's not really trying. It's very well drawn and a great pose.
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Rat cavalry, a great comeback!
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Ah, my dream! thank you so much for creating this piece!
FaizahTheConquering's avatar
Oh how cute <3333 love this sooo much!
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To much awesome for one picture.
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I love this drawing! Its so unique and adorable. x3
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Looks so cute... although, getting attacked by a tiny person riding a rat wouldn't be too cute :(
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Very adorable c: It's neat; Ganesh was said to ride a rat, and some Hindu traditions believe humans are reincarnated as rats and vice versa c:
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Lovely concept! I'd very much like to do the same. Great colour palette :)
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Cool concept! I like the rider and the rat
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very very cute!
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Ahoww:3 love those delicate lil paws^.^
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