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this picture is all over the place..
but at least it's done


this work on tumblr


(c) len-yan
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© 2015 - 2021 len-yan
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your art is breathtaking <3
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Wow! Your art is so beautiful and unique..
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I feel like it being all over the place is perfect for the emotion it's conveying. Sadness can be very chaotic. 
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Dark, existential and beautifully painted.
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Did you sell the rights to this piece or contract it out? I found it on audible.…
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We licensed the work for my book, yes. Apex Book Company.
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Amazing work! o/
It reminds me of a drawing by Chiara Bautista…
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Oh god ! 
Looong ago I found this drawing with a quote on weheart it
and wished sooo much to found the artist 
and there... you are ! 
I'm sorry you're work is used without credit and anything... 
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This is so Inspiring!! I love it
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I love this.Heart +fav 

                 Christmas Tree 
                              Kiss \
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oh my goodness O.o 
how do you do it 
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Wow, such a masterpiece! It's just flawless.
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Call me curious but what would you say if I wanted to feature your gallery in my upcoming novel 'Drake Willow'? Just a question. 
This piece speaks to me in a way that I cannot express... I feel like my thoughts and emotions are always in this condition: a storm that is chaotic and terrifying but also beautiful. You have captured the essence of the Sublime, of communicating to your audience the alluring mixture of fear and beauty. Thank you for sharing with us.
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No words can describe such a mesmerizing picture. I hope you dont mind me using this art as my youtube channel profile picture...I adore art of yours.
Hi! If you don't mind, can i use this as a cover of my self published book titled 'Euphoria' ? Of Course i'll be giving you the credits for the same, but just to make matters clear... 
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this is so pretty, love the idea and the textures! 
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how do you paint like this ? ?? this is amzing
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This is gorgeous, I love it!
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Talk about the brainstorming.
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