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till death do us part.



i don't like giving literal explanations for my pictures but since i got many people confused, please allow me to clarify:

the title was supposed to be ironic/unfitting. i am not trying to glorify domestic abuse. if anything, i was trying to say that behind the 'love' there are sometimes dark things hiding that have nothing to do with love and that 'passion' doesn't always translate to positive emotions. i am sorry if the point got lost and i got you upset.

to elaborate further:

on one hand there are the monsters that do unspeakable things to their family/partner and call it love. on the other there are the victims who sometimes feel like the jealousy, control and even violence are the expression of love. the marks that are left behind can sometimes look so very similar to what we call love marks and yet mean something so very different. it's tragic and it's wrong, not beautiful.

the decission to draw a male subject was not accidental either. many men, for many different reasons, suffer through domestic abuse in silence (another reason for me to go for this particular injury: neck - throat - voice - cut off - asphyxiation) and it feels like it's still a subject that is rarely brought up - not only women fall victim to abuse.


manual strangulation bruising, passion, fragility of human body, domestic abuse.


sorry about simple/boring pictures lately. life's been busy.


this work on tumblr:…


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Although in most cases women are the victims it is true tthat men are also the victims and to add salt to their injuries they are forgotten or even blamed. So thank you for pointing out that men can be victims too.

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When it comes to domestic abuse, the world forget, that men are suffering a lot more then woman who got abused. There are many reasons why.
If you are a man who is beaten in public, everyone laugh at you and not helping. Thinking that it's your fault, not knowing that you are completely innocent and gets beaten for no reason.
If you defend yourself and hit back, nobody is ölaughing anymore. Instead you get murdered or in jail for hitting a woman. Nobody takes you seriously cause you are a men. You should never talk about your feelings, that you are hurt and abused my your mother, wive or girlfriend. 
In America is only 1 shelter for a men and 2'000 for woman, so much to equality.
A men can't be the victim. A men is only the pedophile, abuser and raper. Woman are always innocent and does never false accuse a men for raping. No... only the men is an asshole. Discriminating and sexism never exists for men... that's the rule of our world... and it's completely legal to murder and rape an Hindu men.
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i understood what you meant. i also thought it may of been a dip into bdsm but most likely domestic abuse.
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oh, don't justify yourself to people who are so easily offended. Your art speaks for itself! Lovely painting, powerful motive!
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Ja wiem, że to stare jest i w ogóle, ale dlaczego jego usta mają inną perspektywę niż reszta twarzy? ;_; Uwielbiam twoje prace, ale to mnie tak kuje w oczy, że aż łzawią ;_;
i love it. i love the message behind it too.
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speechless love this soooo much
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Thank you for drawing attention to the issue of male victims of domestic abuse. I could bang my head on the wall with all the people who, if they come across the subject just brush it off as an impossibility. 
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Oh this is heavy heart gripping. Awesome
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Uwielbiam właściwie całość, więc nie będę rozdrabniać się na szczegóły.
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really strong image !!!  :D
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I think the title is perfect for this picture, it's pretty clear that you're being sarcastic and it just adds more power to the piece. It's such an important subject to pay attention to and I'm glad you did. On an artistic level, this piece is simply perfect as well, you've put so much emotion into this I can taste it. You've done something incredible!
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Horrible subject matter but a beautiful execution, those bruises are wonderfully painted. 
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Can't believe some people misunderstood, the message seemed pretty clear for me :confused: Pretty good job, so sad.
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Gorgeous, dark and provocative image, the execution is brilliant. I love how much texture you've put in there. :heart:
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The shading is AMAZING! 
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Hello, if you do read these, I was wondering if I could save this picture, and If I ever you use(probably won't)I will give full credit. But I wanted your permission to save the image in my laptop.
Please message back as soon as you can. Thank you.
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hi, of course you can save it on your laptop. personal use is totally fine.
if you repost the picture somewhere else adding credits and/or a link back, that's alright as well, provided it's for non-commercial use.
hope that answers your question. have a good day!
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Amazing work! I love that you chose a male subject for this. It is always women who are the focus of attention when it comes to ugly things like this, so it is easy for people to forget that there is another side to the coin.
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