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July 20, 2021
insight by len-yan
Featured by TsaoShin
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personal piece for june.


(c) len-yan
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Paperflowers89's avatar

This portrait is brilliant!

Havе yоu evеr tгiеd сybеrseх?

Let’s give еасh оthеr рlеаsuгe tonight!


HAILIGHT-oko's avatar

i love her hair nice art!

Toranium's avatar

OMG 😳 LOVE THIS PAINITINGGG. U did a great job. 💛💛. Btw, plz check my artwork. 😅 I hope we can chat sometime

Eleganzg's avatar

Looks invisible and fierce

TimelessHalls's avatar

Having lost his vision in an accident long, long ago, the weaving, winding, waxing dance of light playing with shadow being but a distant memory, this bold young hunter must rely on other methods sundry and challenging to collect his wits, his whereabouts and most importantly his rewards. A waft of air carries the scent of his quarry, the slender stalk of grass bends to the weight of a heavy paw, the earth quakes in protest as otherworldly entities tred upon it with blasphemous intent. In some ways, unable to see makes it all the easier, for where there is light there is vision and where there is vision there is fear. Where other hunters would be subsumed into fear of the beast, he cannot. It is no different that a great mammoth or a wild elk, merely another quarry for him to pursue. The stakes being elevated mean naught to him - he can hear his foe approaching from miles away, can smell his shaggy, loutish hide from the densest cluster of trees, and can even determine its temperature from the vibrations in the air. The accident was not a misfortune - it had been a blessing in disguise.

Plus, the ladies like scars, so there's that. Unsheathing his dagger, he couldn't help but smirk.

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

Congratulations on getting featured 😊

ivecveam's avatar

woah !! so cool !!

Cool and sexy❤👀

MirisArt's avatar

wow! this glance in his eyes is so impressive^^

LindArtz's avatar

Stunning work!!! :love: Congrats on your DD!!! :clap:

For My Personal Use Only
Callirai's avatar

absolutely beautiful! your style is ethereal!

TsaoShin's avatar
AngelicAdonis's avatar

Great looking Character!

Icon-UK's avatar

Beautiful textures!

haiderxx-darkgroundx's avatar

wow very nicely done quite impressive

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