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hut on a chicken leg

my own spin-off of a slavic folk tale. here, baba yaga is a nice old witch/deity who helps children lost in forest (originally, she is evil and eats them~). she likes cooking, making herb potions and baking brownies~

concept design for a 3d class. one of the very few bgs i ever drew. i'm not good at them TT^TT


see the 3D version here:


concept and art (c) `len-yan

photoshop cs5
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© 2011 - 2021 len-yan
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Fantastic Baba Yaga house!

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A very cozy Baba Yaga hut.

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Hello! Sorry to bother you, I have a YouTube channel and I make some videos about legends ... In one of them I will talk about this legend and I would like to have some images about it and I found your drawing interesting since I need something like that. Could I use it for my video? Of course I would leave credits to you. thanks for your time

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Beautiful background :3 
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I want to live here <3
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Happy to hear that the Baba Yaga has changed her ways :happybounce: 
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I love this! It is beautiful!
I know you said that you're not good at backgrounds, but what you created certainly shows your talent in my opinion. :)
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Much nicer baba yaga
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that's my kind of Baba Yaga, great job!
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This is a very good rendition of Baba Yaga's hut. Well done!!!!!
Hellboy anyone? :)
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I remember this tale! I'm half polish and my mother used to scare me with this tale, he he. She said that if I didn't behave, Baba Yaga would eat me, ha ha. xD Q_Q
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I like that you used just one leg, I haven't seen that done before for Baba Yaga's hut. Excellent mood lighting.
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When can I move in? :-)
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I just love the song, "Hut on Fowl's Leg" :D

Great detail! :w00t:
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I remember reading a book called Bony Legs about an old witch who wanted to eat this little girl, but she had magical items that she acquired from beings she'd helped along the way and they helped her to escape. Very elaborate design though, I really like it a lot! <3
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Baba yaga, huh? You're either Bulgarian or Russian! :D
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close but not quite. i'm polish, hehe~ i read the hut has one single leg only in polish version^^
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We have that story too!! It's a really scary house!
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very it
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