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emotional overload

By len-yan
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personal piece for this month


this work on tumblr


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I'm in love with this piece. Is there any prints available for purchase?

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So beautifuuul!!! I hope you don't mind cause I used your artwork in my latest youtube video. Here's the link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEdr6p…
Thank you so much <3
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Great composition! 👍
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Surprised nobody mentioned about the vulnerability of the piece. Guy is literally exposed from the edge of his face on down. He has not been bitten... yet. Either he has a LOT of trust in the piranhas, or he is absolutely panicking on the inside in anticipatory fear of the oncoming frenzy. 

The fact that he is almost on his tippy toes to keep at least his face out of the water, it tells me that he is currently at his limit. Combined with the encirclement of predators, he is at risk of quickly becoming overwhelmed. 

Great way to show the emotion on this piece. Obviously symbolic, but not symbolically obvious!
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I just-
love this so much ;;v;;
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Would you be willing to make a print out of this? I'd love to buy it. 
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There's so much anguish captured in this.  It's both beautiful and heart-wrenching.
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I've just been favouriting some of your paintings so that I can find them again, as they are so beautiful. But I had to comment on this one, I just love the circling piranhas, and the fact that his face is just above water...so wonderful, love it very much.  (And the colours are great too, the red of his eyes and the lumious red of the piranha bellies works so well against the grey...gorgeous!)
The blue and red tints make this all the more stunning.
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This is amazing! i love it!
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Wow, so interesting ^^
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Holy cats , I never seen anything like it.
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i dont get tiered of gazing to ur paintings. well done.
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awesome shmoshem really really beautiful
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Very nicely made... 
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