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butterfly precipice


feels weird to say it but... i'm darn proud of this work X3;;

dedicated to my mum, dad and bro
luv ya :heart:

i had problems with choosing category for this one. normally i'd put most of my works to 'anime' but this time i feel it's something kinda different (even if face is anime-ish >_>;; ). so after long minutes of brainstorm i decided to put this to misc ...yah lol;;

kinda inspired by the video to good charlotte's predictable

lineart with pentel superb black pen
colours in opencanvas1, edited in photoshop7


i'm really really happy so many of you like this work. but since some of you post it (and other works of mine) on their own websites i completely lost control of what's going on. i'm uploading a watermarked version even though i know it's terribly late for that. all i can count on now is your help and understanding so..

please, if you want to post this picture anywhere (NO commercial use!) give me credits and a link back to my website!
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This is... really touching, in a way. You SHOULD be proud; from just one glance at your page, I can see all of your works are gorgeous. This one, I cannot figure out why, touches me deeply. I wish I knew so that I could give a more thorough review, but I suppose staring at it for a while as I consider the meaning of life, the universe, and everything will have to suffice for now!
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You should be darn proud :D (Big Grin) 
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This is amazing. :love:
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wow, it's surprising. I remember that I save this drawing somewhere from the Internet about 8-9 years ago. Never thought of accidentally meeting with its author) My respects!
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Ha, same here!
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Wonderful .. I love this scenery Heart 
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does anyone else think the guy looks like Lelouch vi Britannia? Amazing painting btw.
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I like the colors you used here! Also, your style is very pretty and I just love it! ^_^
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Beautiful!! You should be proud!
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So captivating, love the- everything about it. :D

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It's a really awesome work! La la la la 
And you should be proud this is AWESOME!! 
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this is just so dark and beutiful... I MUST fav it!
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the coloring is just beautiful!! and the line style adds it a dark/melancholic atmosphere~ o.o ♥
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oh i love it, truly love it!!
did you use watercolor to color it all?
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Oh my goodness my friend had this on her phone 3years ago and I was wondering where she got this, this is truly amazing :heart:
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i love this very much! :D its beautiful <3
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You should be darn proud of this work
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he kinda looks like lelouch of code geass. i love it! >.<
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