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black general - walkthrough

after a lot of inquiries about my colouring technique i have finally put together this walkthrough. sadly the file i prepared was too big for dA to support, but i hope this is still readable. i also hope this will answer at least part of your questions regarding my colouring process.

some of the changes between the steps shown here are not easy to spot, which is why i included miniatures of how each new layer look like in normal mode (at least where i thought it necessary).

good look trying out this (very fun and effective) technique^^


software used: photoshop cs5e

final version of this picture can be found here:


tumblr link here: [link]


decorative brushes from ~tiffcali06


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Thank you for this.

wataboo777's avatar
Thank you! it was helpful :>
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Thank you very much! I've been wanting to pick up on grayscale coloring, and this is by far the easiest to understand. 
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This tutorial changed my life! You are genious :D <3
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Thank you so much for this comprehensive and more importantly CLEAR tutorial. I've been looking for some reliable guides on coloring grayscale images but usually I just get something in the manner of 'slap some color on it with blending modes' and you can barely see what the artist has done. You explain things very clearly. I have trouble doing any real digital art since it hurts my eyes so I'm planning to color graphite drawings digitally. This tutorial will be a great help! :)
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Thank you very much for this ^^ I've been experimenting with Glazing for a while and never really could get it quite right, but I'll give this way a shot and see how it goes :3
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That's interesting. Although I have some resistance in using the grayscale to colour technique, as I usually find it has a poor variety of hue between highlights and shadows, or sometimes colours are not enough saturated to my liking. But that's just my opinion, and I'm a bit new to digital painting, so I'm still not sure of my preferences ^^
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Thank you for this woderful walkthrough!
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what kind of a layer is that you put colors on? A transparent one with 100% opacity?
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Can you make a drawing tutorial?
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Thank you for very interesting tutorial : )
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Thank you sooooo MUCH for your great explaining!!!
it is always stuck in my mind when I need to convert from greyscale to color!!
I am always wondering when the color does not right TT^TT (something like, I tried to shade dark orange but it turn yellow?!?)
but when you show the picture comparing between normal mode and overlay/soft light/multiple mode, it become clear!!!!
(Arggg, so I could not apply color directly then)

Anyway, Thanks a lotttttt! (>__<)//
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Thank you so much for making this, now I need to try these techniques :D
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I found this SO helpful, glazing was never one of my strong suits, now I hope I can be better at it!
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Thank you so much!
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This really helps. I'm getting used to "glazing" Thank you!
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Do oyu think it would work on Photoshop CS3?
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yes, i think it would work just as well even on Photoshop7
ChickenPancakes's avatar
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thank you so much!!!! i love you :"* it's so useful <3
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Just wanted to say thanks for this awesome tutorial. Probably the best I have found out there!
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Thank you...Thank yuuu
Neverward's avatar
Gosh dangit. I won't stop pushing myself and learning until I'm as good as you hehe :) though I won't stop there... but you're sure amazing! And this is an amazing tutorial, so thank you very much for sharing you helped me tremendously!!!
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