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berry twig

this work was a bit of an experiment, i haven't had much experience with designing casual animal characters. this one is a mix between a fox and a cat (or maybe a jaguar?)
this was a lot of fun to work on^^

edit: ...oh my god, i just realized the berries make no sense, they're not attached to the twig at all! that's quite an amusing mistake, i think i might just leave it like that for an extra laugh when i look at this picture again in some time, haha~


this work on tumblr: [link]


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photoshop cs5e
10+ hours
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Nicely done, I like it :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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This is SO adorable!!
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Wow I would love to use a version of this as tattoo inspiration :) 
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Amazing!!! We loved it so much that we've shared it as our Art Inspiration of the Day!…
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I made a paint over from your awesome character, what I want doin the 3D Polycount monthly challenge.…

I will make modificated 3D version of Berry, the veteran General Berry Twig

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I made a game res character based on this concept for the Polycount monthly challenge.
Would be great if you could check it out…

Hope you like it! ^_^

Keep rocking!
Hey Len-Yan I made a 3D version of this character. Please check it out! 

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This is adorable :)
If it were in a game, I would choose this  :p
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Omg, it's amazing! :3
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Absolutely adorable. ^^
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I would like to use this as inspiration for a practice 3D model. Would this be ok with you? If I finish it I will credit you with the design and send you a link.
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sure, go ahead^^
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That's really beautiful and creative. And no worries, the berries don't detract form it. :)
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So adorable, really nice character
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This is awesome!
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I'm pretty sure this is one of the first anthropomorphic characters that I've ever actually liked :squee: You've added just the perfect amount of human to give the creature a strong presence and air of intelligence without making it creepy and scary! :D
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what a fluffy tail, I want to lie on it
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that is awesome and adorable at the same time. LOVE IT!!XD
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The stories I could write with this mad little fuzzball! *sigh* *falls over* The fiction I could wreak!
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