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featuring (and titled after) the altar constellation.

i tried pushing the background a bit further this time.


this work on tumblr


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Amazing, love the soft lighting
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oh shite what he gonna do with that knife Side Eyes Emoji 
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oh shit, the altar constellation looks a bit similar to the dipper constellation 
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I'm pretty sure I don't fully appreciate the significance of all the details here, but it's a very striking illustration nonetheless. I especially like the use of Baroque decorative elements in the background.
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this feels like it could be welcome to night vale related, gorgeous either way. i love your work, it's stunning. 
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Nice work. How's things going?
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This is actually one of my favourite pieces. It's so beautiful 
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Love your work
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veryvery very love
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OMG!! he is so stunning!!
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That is so impressive that you can see his arm through his shirt. o_o What amazing skill. <3 The detail work in this is incredible.
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oh hell yeah. constellation a creative and unusual addition. 
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amazin lighting! :wow:
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Wow, this looks amazing <3
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What a lovely man :) You captured the intensity of the situation perfectly!
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great job I love the sharp angles from his elbow to the blade
Hertilvore's avatar
I love to see the elbow the same way :) 
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Just the background must have taken so much time. That attention to detail in the carvings is amazing. I like how the knife catches the light.
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Love the background
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Your pieces are always so beautiful! I do love that one.
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a masterpiece as always :) I it's so sharp as a photograph or even more... like the reality.
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