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TEKKEN: unleashed

By len-yan
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someone suggested tekken and since i've been a fan of the series for over 15 years i just couldn't say no..


this work on tumblr: [link]


devil jin, tekken (c) namco
art by `len-yan

photoshop cs5e
+/- 10 hours
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© 2012 - 2021 len-yan
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wow this look amazing!

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devil jin. awesome character
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Sick Devin Jin! Would you be interested in having your work be a part of the showcase in our Invitational Gaming Charity Art Auction at the GAAM Show? 100% of the profits go to charity, other great artists and gaming companies are a part of it (like Naughty Dog, Volition, Iron Galaxy, Sony Santa Monica, Capcom, etc) and we hang it up at The Museum in Jacksonville, FL. Here's what the event is like:
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daaamn, that's pretty good!
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This game has several male characters with totally naked chest, explicit and uncensored.

There is no women equally in the same condition, this injustice disturbs me.

Developers release all clothing possibilities for both.

Allow uncensored topless for female characters too.

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I started playing Tekken in the year 1998

There is one aspect in the Tekken franchise that has bothered me for some time:

The game has several male characters with the breastplate fully naked, however there are no women who are equally in the same condition.

In the most recent games, through the customization menu it is possible to leave practically all the men of the game with the breasts entirely naked.

As for the customization of women, they completely banned the possibility of showing the breasts.

One of the options censored by developers:…

Female chest clothed - Male chest Naked. This harassment occurs in movies as well:…

In future games I would like you to release all possibilities of clothing for both sexes.

Let both men and women have their breasts exposed.…

Please do not confuse me with an unscrupulous and immoral pervert.

For me the equality in the exposure of the breasts for both men and women is a matter of justice.

The opinion of this man in the comic strip below shows hypocrisy:…

Example of unfair censorship:…

I do not want a fake patch made by a fan.

I want a professional, legalized and quality content produced by a licensed company.

Preferably included in the original game CD.

Example of a fair fight:…

Equality, justice, freedom!


Sorry for my bad English.

I will send this message to other videos about Tekken on Youtube.

I will try to send this message once to each person, sorry if I accidentally send mair at once.

While I am sending this message I am listening to the song song Forest Law from Tekken 3. He is one of my favorite characters in this game franchise.

I am slowly reading the messages I receive, I do not guarantee that I will answer, but at least I read it.

If you are dissatisfied with this injustice, do not be silent.

With perseverance You can make a difference.
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Just please go away.
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amazing style i love it
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Stolen by JIN1999KAZAMA 
devil jin by JIN1999KAZAMA  devil jin by JIN1999KAZAMA  (Posted TWICE)
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epic epic epic xxxxxxx
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Amazing work!:iconfoxhideplz:  GREAT JOB :iconfoxawwplz: I REALLY LOVE DEVIL-JIN!fox emoticone  and of couse your art:iconpyongiluplz: 
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this is incredible. o.o
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I love a devil jin look XD
Me: "I'd better close the tab to len-yan's gallery so I don't Favorite any more pictu--"
*Sees this picture* "OH MY GOD. MUST FAVORITE."
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tekken is my weakness
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I have no idea who this character is or know anything about the series he's from, but I am still faving this!
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