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The Avengers - Celebrity Couples Interview
"It is on, it is on!" Clint yelled, ceasing the chatter and bringing everyone's attention to the enormous TV set and the starting show. The show opened with glimpses of interviews, showing funny or memorable moments in a retrospective, many famous faces appearing on the screen.
"I can't believe you don't remember giving this interview," Steve murmured, looking at his husband with gentle bewilderment, that hid a lot of fondness. Actually, he could believe that. Tony seemed to never pay a lot of mind about what he was telling to the press, almost as if he didn't have any filter. He probably didn't.
"Well, I don't!" Tony called, mouth stretched into a smile, as he was safely nestled in Steve's arms, the couple taking up their favorite spot on the couch. "I give a lot of interviews, don't expect me to remember each and one of them---"
"Hope you said some dirty details!" Clint grinned, making himself more comfortable between Nat and Bruce, the three of them seated on the second couch.
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The Avengers - The one with being cold
Tony gritted his teeth, burrying more into the covers in a perfect cocoon of blankets. As abruptly as summer heat came it was also gone, and the sudden change didn't leave him any time to adjust. Just this bone-chilling cold settling on his skin and getting deep into his bones.
"Aren't you exaggerating a little?"
"Says you!" Tony yelled from his side of the bed, watching Steve reading a book and not being bothered by his sexy husband freezing his sexy ass off. It was really rude in his opinion. Even worse, Steve was shirtless. Well, it wasn't the worse, as the view was veeeery nice and tempting, but looking at all that bare skin, just reminded Tony of how cold he was himself. "AGH!!!"
At the pained scream, Steve almost dropped the book. "What, what happened?!" he asked, finally granting his husband with some long time needed attention.
"I touched myself and shocked myself," Tony replied, teeth still greeting. He just tried to slide his hands under his arms for more
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The Avengers - The one with the ice cube
"Go on," Tony urged smoothly one of his business partners, who over the Internet conference was giving him all the details of the new deal for Stark Industries. The conference was held in different countries simultaneously, with many people, and Tony was glad that instead of going to Spain or France, he could host it from home. Still, it didn't mean that he took part in it in his pj, drinking coffee from his beloved Captain America cup. He was wearing one of his finest suits, and had a glass of scotch on the rocks in a hand reach and was relaxed and calm and smooth, totally at the peak of his negotiating abilities. He caught the sight of Steve who was giving him long, meaningful looks and Tony grinned, well knowing what his husband was drooling at.
He was a man in power. A master of the situation. A powerful figure in the business world. It was comforting to know that after years of marriage he could still make Steve pause. But coming back to the deal - Tony heard already everything he
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The Avengers - In the Haystack
“This is ridiculous.”
No answer.
“You know how it is called? Worker exploitation. I thought there are laws for this kind of thing.”
Steve still decided not to answer. Maybe he would tire himself out with time.
“Seriously, how much longer will it take? I could buy him ten more sheds, what is the point of fixing this one? Just level it to the ground and—”
“Tony,” Steve said heavily. He was slowly running out of patience. “Babe. Honey. Love of my life. Shut yer yap or I'll pop you in the kisser. Please.”
Tony clanked his teeth together and narrowed eyes, getting a stubborn look back. Oh, that’s how they wanted to play this out. Without a word, Tony dipped the paint roller in the white paint and began to cover the old, worn out wood that formed a shed wall. Steve did the same, taking a deep breath. Silence at last.
Or not.
“You look stupid in overalls,” Tony muttered, sounding almost offended.
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The Stony Wedding - 4th Anniversary
The bed frame creaked, when two people tumbled on it. Well, the hotel was way off the standard he was used to, but the bed was wooden and sturdy and it would do. Hopefully. That was pretty much the only furniture they needed anyway.
Quick kisses. Quick fingers unbuttoning shirts and unzipping pants. Technically, there was no rush, but the building excitement kept rushing them.
"Mhh, Steve," Tony bit his bottom lip, not fighting with Steve's hands roaming through his body and tugging his shirt out and off. Biting kisses up his stomach, chest, and back to lips. "Steve!"
Pause. "What?" Steve asked, sounding a bit irritated. They had like thirty second opening from entering the room and collapsing on the bed. Why Tony couldn't talk then?
Tony grinned, taking some sadistic entertainment in making the other man wait. He just enjoyed being lusted over. "Don't you feel bad that we lied to the team and left them behind?"
Another pause. Tony said that he is going for a business conference in Mal
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Avengers - The one with the Fight in Wakanda
warning - THIS CONTAINS SLIGHT MCU Infinity War spoilers - although it doesn’t give away more plot than the bits you could learn from official movie spots and trailers.
“Cap, if those things circle the perimeter and get behind us, there is nothing between them and Vision.”
“We better keep them in front of us.”
“How do we do that?”
“We open the barrier.”
Steve’s breath stopped. He looked over at T'Challa who was already giving an order. If they opened the barrier… Steve didn’t want to think about it. They had one thing to do. Keep Thanos away from the mind stone. It was the only thing that mattered. He was meant to die a long time ago, but he kept surviving… He will survive this too.
“On my signal. NOW!”
A small opening appeared in the barrier and hoards of alien creatures started to pour in. They had only one mission. To kill.
Steve ran to the front, seeing T'Challa with the corne
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The Avengers - Figaro - Playtime
author's note - an universe where Tony and Steve have a cat!
"Who is my pretty boy?! Who is daddy's little fluff?!"
Tony was having the time of his life. He was cuddling Figaro in his arms and kissing his nose, and telling his cat how pretty and incredible he was and how much he loved him. It was a great moment.
Not such a great moment for Figaro. Of course, he needed his daily dose of cuddling in precisely measured doses and in exact moment he wanted it. Not when his human found it suitable.
"Babe, you are irritating Figaro," Steve warned from his spot on the couch, watching Tony walking around the living room and rocking Figaro or holding him above his head to look at his 'all fluffy glory' or standing in front of the window and looking at the reflection, pointing to his cat and telling him that he was the most beautiful thing in the world. So, a typical afternoon in this household.
"No, I am not," Tony denied, even if the angrily swooping tail was giving a different answer. I
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Avengers - The one with the Human Hydrogen Bomb
It was a slow morning in the Avengers Tower, which was probably the best kind of mornings. Clint was seated in the kitchen, silently munching on a bowl of cereal, or as silently as crushing milk soaked Lucky Charms between your teeth could be, still in an old pair of sweatpants and a dirty shirt he used for sleeping. He wasn’t alone in the kitchen, and Natasha was standing at the counter, pouring herself another cup of strong coffee, clad in a tank top with spaghetti straps and loose cotton sweatpants, not paying attention to Clint or Wanda who was making a pot of oatmeal for everyone, and being the only person in the small gathering who actually had a proper set of pajamas in a form of a long-sleeved nightshirt, pink and ending down to her knees. Soon more team members would come for breakfast and—
At the low, threatening sound, Clint raised his head up and Wanda dropped the wooden spoon into the pot. Only Natasha remained unaffected.
“Oh no, not
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Avengers - Moving on
warning: THIS CONTAINS MCU Infinity War spoilers, read at your own risk!
"No. I said no. What is the point?"
"I can't do it, Nat! It is meaningless now! Not when---"
Steve hissed when nails pinned into his shoulders, strong arms forcing him to sit down on his bed. If he wished, he could easily shake Natasha off. But what was the point? What was the point of anything?
"This isn't about you."
Steve didn't answer. He couldn't.
"Look at me. Steve, look at me!" Natasha didn't beat around the bush and placed her hand under Steve's scruffy chin, forcing him to eye contact. Tired. Steve looked so tired. The blue eyes were almost empty. "Remember what I told you once?" she said in a whisper, her voice sounding distant and cold. All to mask her own heartbreak.
Steve looked down again. He remembered. He remembered too well.
"Staying together is more important---"
"--than how we stay together," Steve finished, his voice dropping.
"And this is how we
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The Avengers - Charcoal
Scratch, scratch, scratch.
Charcoal staining his fingers. A pearly white canvas, slowly turning darker, filling with shapes and life.
Usually, it was the most soothing thing in the world for him.
Steve hissed when another sharp pang of pain shook his wrist. His fingers clenched on the piece of charcoal, crumbling it into pieces. It was okay, he had plenty of charcoal. What was worse, was the thick black line going down his whole sketch.
Steve cursed silently and ripped out the piece of paper from the sketchbook, the easel making a sound of protest when it wobbled under the strong push. Steve knew better and treated his art supplies and equipment with more respect, but there was something about today that was really unnerving.
"Uhmmm… Baby?"
"Yeah?" Steve answered sharply, putting a new piece of charcoal against the white paper. He was running out of ideas what to sketch but was hoping that the paper and charcoal would guide him.
"What are you doing?" Tony asked, c
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The Avengers-Figaro- Black Panther, Little Panther
author's note - an universe where Tony and Steve have a cat!
“You think he is okay?”
“Of course, he is okay. Wait, who do you mean?”
Tony huffed in an irritated manner, entering the awaiting elevator and pressing the button leading to the penthouse. “Figaro, of course!” He answered, eyeing his husband as it should be obvious.
“Oooh,” Steve scratched the back of his head, ruffling the short hair, “thought you maybe meant T’Challa.”
“No,” Tony scrunched his nose. T’Challa was easily the most responsible person he knew. He had to be, leader of the independent country, legendary Black Panther, yadda yadda… Maybe a role of a cat sitter for Tony and Steve’s cat was a role beneath him, but the king didn’t seem to mind. “Just you know how Figaro can be when I am not around.”
“Yeah, I know,” Steve smiled at the memory, remembering the little fluffy demon their swe
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Avengers - Not What You Expected
warning: THIS CONTAINS MCU Infinity War spoilers, read at your own risk!
It was a common truth, that the harder one tried to not think about something, the more it was coming back to them. He tried to focus on constructing, on finding the scraps of metal, so different from the ones he used to work with and make the best of it with the littlest he had. He needed both of his hands to work, but would give one of them for a bottle of some matured scotch. Even for a glass. Something to dull his mind and help him channel his thoughts, instead of having them scattered all over, coming back to memories and possible scenarios he didn’t need in his current situation. Sometimes he hated how his mind worked.
“Happy Birthday!!”
“Whaaat?” Tony smiled in his cheeky way, one corner of his mouth going higher than the other one when he had been allowed to open his eyes and had a bunch of confetti thrown in his face. “I totally didn’t expect that
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Superfamily - The Toughest Battle
Tony was breathing heavily, sweat was pouring down his back and face, soaking his shirt. He gripped the weapons in his hands harder and gritted teeth together.
This was one of the toughest battles he had ever encountered.
His enemy was looking mockingly at him, feeling that he was losing strength and may crumble any second.
Tony rubbed his face, trying to get the tiredness out and pull his battle spirit together. He won't give up. He was Iron Man. He had faced tougher enemies.
"You won't defeat me, Brimnes!!" he called determinedly, wielding a screwdriver and hammer, standing in a battlefield consisting of screws and planks, varying in length and thickness.
"Babe, does this really require so much drama?" Steve asked, sitting at the coffee table, Peter next to him in a bib with an embroidered ducky. Their son was eating some vegetable cream soup and was making more mess than necessary, but was scooping and putting the food in his mouth all on his own. No matter the mess, it was a proud
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The Avengers - Fancy
Steve looked up from his book, feeling an impact as someone jumped on the bed with full force, causing the bed frame to creak. One day, such running starts would cause trouble when the bed frame would finally give up and send them both crashing to the floor. It wasn’t in the best state to start with, from all of their heated nights, and such behavior was not helping. He put his book aside, smiling from ear to ear at the person in front of him.
“What’s up, cutie pie?” Steve asked humorously, a bright smile shining among a dark beard. With time, Steve grew used to his new look and didn’t feel the need to shave anymore. It was more practical.
“Not much,” Tony hummed back. He was freshly out of the shower, with his skin still a little damp and glowing, and hair curling funnily as it was air-drying. Somehow, Tony didn’t have a need to sleep in pajamas, and he had only a towel wrapped around his hips for modesty reasons, but soon
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The Avengers - The Last Chance
warning: THIS CONTAINS MCU Infinity War spoilers, read at your own risk! also, it is totally self-indulgent and from a Stony shipper point of view!
“Why haven’t you called me?”
Tony kept stubbornly looking at the holographic map of the nine realms he had managed to quickly whip out thanks to Friday’s help and Thor’s guidelines. His eyes kept coming back to Titan, the planet where everything started. Where…
“He probably went back,” Tony said in a steady voice, pointing to the holographic image of the sphere. “He already got what he wanted, I don’t think he is interested in more. The planet was dead, but thanks to the stones he can restore it, we need to get there and—”
His ramble was cut off when two strong hands were placed on his shoulders and forcefully turned him around. He could feel Steve’s hot breath on his face and he stubbornly refused to look at him.
“Why haven
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The Avengers - My favorite hero
“Babe, I am back! Got the tomatoes!”
“Great! Bring them over here!”
Steve turned light steps into the kitchen. It was one of those sweet days when no disaster had happened, and Tony and Steve could spend the evening together, deciding on cooking a meal instead of ordering it. And somehow it was so like Tony to come up with an idea of preparing spaghetti and Neapolitan sauce and forgetting to buy the main ingredient. He didn’t forget some fancy parmesan for garnish, expensive olive oil for garlic bread, but he forgot the basic ingredient for the sauce. Somehow, Steve wasn’t even surprised and just went out for a quick run to the nearest supermarket.
“How is it going?” he asked, walking to Tony and standing behind his boyfriend’s back, peering into the pots.
“Bread in the oven, water for pasta boiling, garlic and onion almost translucent,” Tony listed, stirring the bits of chopped onion and crushed garlic in a skillet, fil
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Superfamily - Godly Uncles (Without Stony)
Superfamily - Godly Uncles (Without The "Stony" Ship)
Peter - Age: 1 Year


it Was Another Day In Avengers Tower... The Rest of The Avengers Were on a Mission, Leaving Thor to Babysit Peter
Just Another Normal Day in Avengers Tower
Though... What is Really "Normal" About Avengers Tower?
Everything Was Going Smoothly, Peter Was Eating Well, He Was Getting Plenty Of Rest, Everything Was Going Perfectly! Until...
"Weee!" Peter Was Having A Blast, Playing, Giggling, Flying... Wait... Flying?

"Peter, Giveth Mine Hammer Back Please" When Thor Wasn't Paying Attention, Peter Picked Up Mjolnir, And Now Thor Can't Get Him To Come Down

"Nu-uh" Peter Didn't Want To Come Down, He Was
:iconviolets4life:Violets4Life 1 2
Please dont hate me  by beatrix099 Please dont hate me :iconbeatrix099:beatrix099 4 2
My first fic so please dont hate on me
It was another normal day in stark tower Peter was doing his homework Tony was working in the lab on some weird robotics and Steve was out grocery shopping until a big explosion happened in the hospital on the other side of the street and then a couple more explosions went of people were running away and it was time to suit up steve and tony still didn’t know about peter’s secret but he was planning to tell them soon but right now it was time to suit up
A few hours later
Peter quickly went home and he made it a minute before steve and tony did Peter tony yelled yeah pops peter yelled back come help to make dinner
Peter ran down the stairs to the kitchen after eating dinner they had to suit up again because apparently another explosion went of and some aliens were attacking when steve and tony arrived everybody were already busy the aliens were kind of annoying and hard to kill but after some time spider man was there to help he shot a web right in one aliens face after the
:iconbeatrix099:beatrix099 1 1
Steve the Incredible Father by pancakes-22 Steve the Incredible Father :iconpancakes-22:pancakes-22 8 2 Happy B-Day, Cap~! by pancakes-22 Happy B-Day, Cap~! :iconpancakes-22:pancakes-22 4 2 in a bathtub by fliff in a bathtub :iconfliff:fliff 31 5 On a cover by K0niks On a cover :iconk0niks:K0niks 45 0 Summer's Here! by pancakes-22 Summer's Here! :iconpancakes-22:pancakes-22 10 5 Tony Stark Iron Man 3 by im-sorry-thx-all-bye
Mature content
Tony Stark Iron Man 3 :iconim-sorry-thx-all-bye:im-sorry-thx-all-bye 7,100 446
Iron Man 3 by lux-fantasia Iron Man 3 :iconlux-fantasia:lux-fantasia 4 0 Stand Down by DrSnipersMagic Stand Down :icondrsnipersmagic:DrSnipersMagic 13 3 Get lucky by DrSnipersMagic Get lucky :icondrsnipersmagic:DrSnipersMagic 16 8 I'm gonna eat ya, boy! by giulal I'm gonna eat ya, boy! :icongiulal:giulal 257 46 Tiny Husbands by Mirarasol Tiny Husbands :iconmirarasol:Mirarasol 13 0 SUPERIOR IRON MAN by JollyBlue SUPERIOR IRON MAN :iconjollyblue:JollyBlue 4 1 The Avengers Super Friends Forever by MyNameIsMad The Avengers Super Friends Forever :iconmynameismad:MyNameIsMad 2,425 234


to celebrate starting my 6th year as a Stony shipper and a Stony fanfiction writer, I decided to share some of my headcanons! if you would like to see more on some specific topic, leave a comment below and I will add them, as I plan on expanding this list!

Six Stony Headcanons on…

general introduction

- Steve calls Tony “babe”, while Tony calls Steve “baby”. Steve also calls Tony Ducky (because of his ducky butt and pout) and sometimes Butterball to tase him about his muffin top,

- despite being the perfect soldier, Steve is lactose intolerant, which doesn’t go in pair with his love for vanilla ice cream and ice cream in general. Tony finds it hilarious, even if most of the time he is the one who ends suffering because of it,

- Tony has this great balance of muscles and chubby parts - he has a very nice musculature but he is also thick in all good places (bubble butt, softer stomach, curved hips), while Steve is all pure muscles, and Tony loves his broad back and sharp jawline,

- both Steve and Tony are ticklish, but Tony is more sensitive, up to a point that breathing on his skin can actually tickle,

- Steve looooves Disney movies and Tony watches them with him, always finding it amusing how invested Steve becomes until they saw Wall-E and Tony ended ugly sobbing because the little robot reminded him of Dummy,

- Tony’s favorite color is lilac, but in every interview, he would claim that it is red, Steve’s favorite color is yellow, but everyone always assumes it is blue.

food preferences

- Tony is omnivorous - he is willing to try many things, as long as it isn’t something that goes against his common sense. Steve likes classic dishes and can be picky when it comes to food he doesn’t know, but he won’t be fussy, remembering well how it is to be hungry,

- Steve’s comfort food is freshly baked bread with some butter, Tony’s is cake mashed up in a cup of milk,

- Tony doesn’t like watermelon (it reminds him of that one time when he thought he was dying and unibeamed a watermelon, he was finding seeds all over his place for months), Steve is weary off precooked foods in cans and would rather eat something freshly made,

- Tony loooves spicy food and adds hot sauce to basically everything, Steve likes milder flavors,

- Steve snacks a lot and enjoys crunchy textures. His latest discovery are spiced crickets, Tony feels like fainting each time he sees Steve’s eat them and escapes to a different room, yelling at him to not get close to him before he won’t brush his teeth,

- Tony loves seafood and smelly cheese and a bottle of good Burgundy wine. Steve prefers to stick to his crickets.

free days

- they both rarely have free days and calm moments are sometimes stressful for them as they wait for a disaster to happen,

- they like to cook together (or more like, Steve cooks and Tony is nibbling on food, up to a point when Steve has to smack him with a spatula) but ordering pizza and lounging on a couch is good too,

- speaking of a couch, it is like their favorite piece of furniture, they love to sit all cuddled while watching movies, or nod off, usually Tony ends on top of Steve, as Tony falls asleep faster and Steve pulls him to himself, but Tony likes it the other way around too when he has a warm super soldier blanket on top of him (Steve is slightly terrified thinking that he is squishing Tony),

- they try to go on regular dates, but with time they enjoy more some weekend trips, including ones when they play undercover dates with one seducing the other all over again,

- going to new food places is something they both enjoy, Tony can survive going to art galleries, because he likes how enthusiastic Steve becomes, but he draws a line when it comes to going to sports event - he finds team sports boring and he just goes to eat hotdogs and watch how riled up and elated Steve becomes while cheering, that is his own sport,

- Tony is easily bored, he always has to do something and would play with scraps or old kitchen appliances, trying to fix them or find a new use for them, Steve sometimes walks on Tony when he is surrounded by a circle of junk and he just shakes his head at that, telling Tony to clean afterwards (not always effective, they both stepped on some small screws numerous times). Steve spends his free time with a sketchbook, mostly sketching Tony while he is in the zone, or locks himself in his studio to paint in peace,

- Steve tries to train with Tony when they have some free time, but more often it ends with makeout on the mat, or a tickle fight than actual training.

being ticklish

- Tony’s upper body is more ticklish than Steve’s, while Steve lower body is more ticklish than Tony’s,

- Tony is absolutely helpless against raspberries, up to a point that blowing a raspberry on any part of his body always results in him collapsing in a giggle fit,

- they are both very ticklish, but Steve’s weak spots are his neck, hips and feet, Tony’s are his stomach and belly button. Tony has a spot on his sides which, when squeezed properly, makes him laugh abruptly and the laughter sounds very close to a quack (something only Steve and Rhodey know about),

- Tony is a more ruthless tickler than Steve, mostly because he knows that serum allows Steve to last longer, but also because once he gets an occasion to play with Steve he will take it in 100%,

- Steve takes pride in knowing Tony limits, and no matter how squirming and pleading he becomes, claiming that he can’t stand in any longer, Steve knows better,

- soft tickling in the morning to start the day are Tony’s favorite thing, while Steve likes evening tickling, it helps him to relax.

sex life (NSFW!)

- Steve used to be very shy when it came to their intimate moments, after years of dating he is the one having all the kinky ideas, and Tony is just blushing and eagerly participating, amazed how shameless his soldier became,

- Tony had many sex partners, but he never before was a bottom. Steve was the first person Tony was willing for to be a bottom. Steve started his sex life on a regular basis when he and Tony became a couple. They have no problem with switching, but with time they discovered that they like it the best when Tony is the bottom, and Steve is the top,

- Steve has a lingerie kink, something Tony likes to treat him with from time to time by wearing some pretty lace undergarments and even putting a bit of makeup. Tony loooves food play in the bedroom, give him a bottle of chocolate syrup and he will put it to good use,

- Steve’s favorite position is when Tony rides him, Tony’s favorite position is when Steve holds him up and presses against a wall or just holds him midair (super strength is really handy),

- Tony enjoys a bit of spanking, but only with Steve’s hands, Steve got him once a leather paddle with a cut-out heart for Valentines but they rarely use it. Steve’s chest is very sensitive and he enjoys nipple play, but is somehow shy about it, he is more of a giver type, but Tony knows his needs,

- their intimate moments can be sweet and loving, and sometimes wild and passionate, which leads to them using up beds pretty quickly (Tony has to buy a new bed every month, he always gets the same model so Steve wouldn’t know, but one day he sees Tony putting together a new frame and he blushed from head to toes after hearing why Tony had to replace their bed).

future together

- they get married late summer and spend their honeymoon traveling in middle Europe, but first, make a stop at one of Tony’s private islands for some alone time,

- they adopt a son, who becomes a superhero one day, much to his parents’ horror, but also a lot of secret pride. they also have a cat,

- it turns out that Steve can get older, it is just a slower process for him. Tony is well aware of his aging body and doesn’t fight with it, he only dyes his goatee black, and keeps his hair silver,

- after all those years, Steve is as attracted to Tony as he was on the first day he met him and it seems that the affection gets stronger with each passing year. Tony can’t wrap his head around it. Steve is well aware that he will live longer than Tony, but that just makes his husband so much more precious to him,

- Tony retires first from being Iron Man and an Avenger after he reaches 60 years old. Steve puts down his shield a year after,

- they leave the Avengers Tower and live peacefully together on the island they spend their honeymoon, enjoying and treasuring every moment together.



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sweet and sour
autumn is cooler than summer, warmer than winter and more nostalgic than spring. that's why I love it the most.

..... and because of Halloween

My birthday badge

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Happy birthday!
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thank you :heart:!!
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You're welcome! Heart 
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