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Avengers - Moving on
warning: THIS CONTAINS MCU Infinity War spoilers, read at your own risk!
"No. I said no. What is the point?"
"I can't do it, Nat! It is meaningless now! Not when---"
Steve hissed when nails pinned into his shoulders, strong arms forcing him to sit down on his bed. If he wished, he could easily shake Natasha off. But what was the point? What was the point of anything?
"This isn't about you."
Steve didn't answer. He couldn't.
"Look at me. Steve, look at me!" Natasha didn't beat around the bush and placed her hand under Steve's scruffy chin, forcing him to eye contact. Tired. Steve looked so tired. The blue eyes were almost empty. "Remember what I told you once?" she said in a whisper, her voice sounding distant and cold. All to mask her own heartbreak.
Steve looked down again. He remembered. He remembered too well.
"Staying together is more important---"
"--than how we stay together," Steve finished, his voice dropping.
"And this is how we
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The Avengers - Charcoal
Scratch, scratch, scratch.
Charcoal staining his fingers. A pearly white canvas, slowly turning darker, filling with shapes and life.
Usually, it was the most soothing thing in the world for him.
Steve hissed when another sharp pang of pain shook his wrist. His fingers clenched on the piece of charcoal, crumbling it into pieces. It was okay, he had plenty of charcoal. What was worse, was the thick black line going down his whole sketch.
Steve cursed silently and ripped out the piece of paper from the sketchbook, the easel making a sound of protest when it wobbled under the strong push. Steve knew better and treated his art supplies and equipment with more respect, but there was something about today that was really unnerving.
"Uhmmm… Baby?"
"Yeah?" Steve answered sharply, putting a new piece of charcoal against the white paper. He was running out of ideas what to sketch but was hoping that the paper and charcoal would guide him.
"What are you doing?" Tony asked, c
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The Avengers-Figaro- Black Panther, Little Panther
author's note - an universe where Tony and Steve have a cat!
“You think he is okay?”
“Of course, he is okay. Wait, who do you mean?”
Tony huffed in an irritated manner, entering the awaiting elevator and pressing the button leading to the penthouse. “Figaro, of course!” He answered, eyeing his husband as it should be obvious.
“Oooh,” Steve scratched the back of his head, ruffling the short hair, “thought you maybe meant T’Challa.”
“No,” Tony scrunched his nose. T’Challa was easily the most responsible person he knew. He had to be, leader of the independent country, legendary Black Panther, yadda yadda… Maybe a role of a cat sitter for Tony and Steve’s cat was a role beneath him, but the king didn’t seem to mind. “Just you know how Figaro can be when I am not around.”
“Yeah, I know,” Steve smiled at the memory, remembering the little fluffy demon their swe
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Avengers - Not What You Expected
warning: THIS CONTAINS MCU Infinity War spoilers, read at your own risk!
It was a common truth, that the harder one tried to not think about something, the more it was coming back to them. He tried to focus on constructing, on finding the scraps of metal, so different from the ones he used to work with and make the best of it with the littlest he had. He needed both of his hands to work, but would give one of them for a bottle of some matured scotch. Even for a glass. Something to dull his mind and help him channel his thoughts, instead of having them scattered all over, coming back to memories and possible scenarios he didn’t need in his current situation. Sometimes he hated how his mind worked.
“Happy Birthday!!”
“Whaaat?” Tony smiled in his cheeky way, one corner of his mouth going higher than the other one when he had been allowed to open his eyes and had a bunch of confetti thrown in his face. “I totally didn’t expect that
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Superfamily - The Toughest Battle
Tony was breathing heavily, sweat was pouring down his back and face, soaking his shirt. He gripped the weapons in his hands harder and gritted teeth together.
This was one of the toughest battles he had ever encountered.
His enemy was looking mockingly at him, feeling that he was losing strength and may crumble any second.
Tony rubbed his face, trying to get the tiredness out and pull his battle spirit together. He won't give up. He was Iron Man. He had faced tougher enemies.
"You won't defeat me, Brimnes!!" he called determinedly, wielding a screwdriver and hammer, standing in a battlefield consisting of screws and planks, varying in length and thickness.
"Babe, does this really require so much drama?" Steve asked, sitting at the coffee table, Peter next to him in a bib with an embroidered ducky. Their son was eating some vegetable cream soup and was making more mess than necessary, but was scooping and putting the food in his mouth all on his own. No matter the mess, it was a proud
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The Avengers - Fancy
Steve looked up from his book, feeling an impact as someone jumped on the bed with full force, causing the bed frame to creak. One day, such running starts would cause trouble when the bed frame would finally give up and send them both crashing to the floor. It wasn’t in the best state to start with, from all of their heated nights, and such behavior was not helping. He put his book aside, smiling from ear to ear at the person in front of him.
“What’s up, cutie pie?” Steve asked humorously, a bright smile shining among a dark beard. With time, Steve grew used to his new look and didn’t feel the need to shave anymore. It was more practical.
“Not much,” Tony hummed back. He was freshly out of the shower, with his skin still a little damp and glowing, and hair curling funnily as it was air-drying. Somehow, Tony didn’t have a need to sleep in pajamas, and he had only a towel wrapped around his hips for modesty reasons, but soon
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The Avengers - The Last Chance
warning: THIS CONTAINS MCU Infinity War spoilers, read at your own risk! also, it is totally self-indulgent and from a Stony shipper point of view!
“Why haven’t you called me?”
Tony kept stubbornly looking at the holographic map of the nine realms he had managed to quickly whip out thanks to Friday’s help and Thor’s guidelines. His eyes kept coming back to Titan, the planet where everything started. Where…
“He probably went back,” Tony said in a steady voice, pointing to the holographic image of the sphere. “He already got what he wanted, I don’t think he is interested in more. The planet was dead, but thanks to the stones he can restore it, we need to get there and—”
His ramble was cut off when two strong hands were placed on his shoulders and forcefully turned him around. He could feel Steve’s hot breath on his face and he stubbornly refused to look at him.
“Why haven
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The Avengers - My favorite hero
“Babe, I am back! Got the tomatoes!”
“Great! Bring them over here!”
Steve turned light steps into the kitchen. It was one of those sweet days when no disaster had happened, and Tony and Steve could spend the evening together, deciding on cooking a meal instead of ordering it. And somehow it was so like Tony to come up with an idea of preparing spaghetti and Neapolitan sauce and forgetting to buy the main ingredient. He didn’t forget some fancy parmesan for garnish, expensive olive oil for garlic bread, but he forgot the basic ingredient for the sauce. Somehow, Steve wasn’t even surprised and just went out for a quick run to the nearest supermarket.
“How is it going?” he asked, walking to Tony and standing behind his boyfriend’s back, peering into the pots.
“Bread in the oven, water for pasta boiling, garlic and onion almost translucent,” Tony listed, stirring the bits of chopped onion and crushed garlic in a skillet, fil
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The Avengers - Figaro Winter - Stubborn
author's note - an universe where Tony and Steve have a cat!
All Steve wanted was a calm afternoon. He was comfortably seated with a book, had a nice cup of tea nearby and just wanted to dive into the world of Middle Earth. It was supposed to be his time.
Instead, he felt violated. Someone was barging into his private space, observing and silently judging. Those were no circumstances to relax.
Steve minimally leaned to the side, the book not in his line of sight anymore and eyes falling on the center of the room. Of course, he was still there. Steve quickly hid behind the book again, but he knew that the move was registered, and green eyes focused on him ten times more intense than previously. This pressure was getting unbearable.
"No," Steve said firmly, accenting the word, hoping it would get into the fluffy head. "You can't go to Tony."
More intense staring. He could even hear a heavy tail hitting the floor in a displeased manner.
"Tony is in his workshop, busy. He told you t
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The Avengers - Figaro - Valentine's Day Special
author's note - an universe where Tony and Steve have a cat!
Although it was mid-February, the weather was reminding more of a perfect December weather. It was crisp and cold, there was a thick layer of white snowy blanket everywhere and people had to take out their scarfs and woolen hat once more, kissing goodbye hopes for an earlier spring. Winter officially came and was glorious and sparkling.
"Mmm-mmm," Tony hummed happily, walking through the park. Much to his general dismay of cold, he enjoyed snowy landscapes and the crunchy and soft sound of snow under his heavy shoes. He was properly prepared and wearing a thick, patted jacket and a woolen beanie. It should be added that the jacket was in a bright orange color and the beanie contrasted it with a luscious green color. Not because Tony was color blind, he was great with colors and matching outfits, just in his particular moment, he couldn't care less, he was just happy to stay warm. But it wasn't the unusual attire and of
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The Avengers - Angry kitten, happy ducky
Tony growled, running quick fingers through his already disheveled hair. He tugged on the brown strands, the pull on his scalp sending some pain down his spine, helping him to stay alert and not let the numb feeling take over.
"Stupid brain," he scolded himself under his breath. The numbers were not adding up. Stupid numbers on a stupid project. It wasn't making sense. No matter what combination he tried, it still didn't make sense and the results were unacceptable.
One more growl, and Tony looked hopelessly up from his blueprint, eyes stopping on the couch in the corner of his lab, where Steve was leisurely sitting and calmly sketching. This is how they usually spent their afternoon, in the same room, but in two different worlds, comforted by other's presence and not needing anything else.
Except for the right formula. Tony needed that. And hearing some support would be nice.
Tony pulled fingers out of his hair and covered his face with hands, letting another low and long growl. After
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Superfamily - New Year Special
10… 9… 8…
People gathered on the Time Square, all in winter clothes and embellished with giant hats with glitter, plastic glasses with the upcoming year written on, with the biggest smiles on their face. All eyes were turned to the giant crystal ball, slowly sliding down, and strong voice did the countdown, the chorus echoing all around.
7… 6… 5…
It was freezing outside, but it was warm under the covers, and Tony and Steve watched from their bed the live broadcast of the countdown. The small person between them was buzzing with excitement, brown eyes watching in amazement the spectacle and a squeaky voice counting with everyone.
4… 3… 2…
The last numbers were yelled out by the whole family, Steve's smile matching the one on their son's face, while Tony's was purely situational and infected by his family. It was a new experience for him to spend New Year in bed instead of in a party, but he didn't regret, knowing
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Stony Christmas - Drabble #5
The fire was crackling pleasantly. There was a scent of roasted nuts and hot cocoa all around them. It was quiet and blissful and sweet. Well, accept the squeaky giggling. But it was sweet too.
“Stop ihihit! Stop or you are not getting any more hot chocolate!”
Steve gasped exaggeratedly, stilling his hands under Tony’s sweater before he started with a new force and scribbled irregular patterns into brunet’s stomach. “How can you say that!”
“Hahahaha!” Tony flopped uselessly against Steve’s front, not in the mood to move away. He was comfortable with being pressed to soldier’s muscled frame and looking at the fire dancing and even if Steve was making him squirm it was something sweet about it. “You will ruin my sweheheheater!”
“Ah yeah,” seemed that it was the magic word that made Steve stop. He moved his hands away and smoothened over the snowman design on To
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Stony Christmas - Superfamily - Drabble #4
It was surprising in itself that during Christmas morning, they weren’t woken up by Peter running into their bedroom and jumping on the bed, demanding his parents to get up and get to the presents. Instead, they were granted with a full night sleep and exchanged surprised looks in the morning.
“Do you think that Peter opened the gifts without us?” Tony asked, pulling a night robe over his pajama, looking adorable, with hair sticking in every direction.
“No, I don’t think so. We always open presents togethers,” Steve replied, having to pull some pajama over himself in the first place and then looking for a night robe.
First, they checked in Peter’s bedroom and their son was nowhere to be seen. Then, in the living room, where Peter already was, also in his pj’s, matching his parents.
“Good morning!” Peter called happily, sitting near the big Christmas tree.
“Good morning,” Tony and Steve replied, smiling at their lit
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Stony Christmas - Drabble #3
“Where are my glasses?!”
“Arrows!! We need arrows!!”
“I am not going without curling iron!”
“You have straight hair!”
“What if I want to curl it?!”
“AVENGERS!!! SHUT UP!!” Steve bellowed, making everyone stop.
It was like he was at war again.
“Bruce, your glasses are on the top of your head, Clint, no, you don’t need any more arrows, Wanda, ask Natasha where is your curling iron, Pietro, tie your shoes, or you will fall over!” he gave quick concise orders. Steve caught Thor sad, puppy-like face and sighed. “I don’t know if they have poptarts in France, but they have croissants, you will like them.”
“Ay!” Thor beamed, and the chaos started anew.
“Hey, daddy!” Natasha called, holding in her hands a bunch of passports and walking to Steve. “Where is mommy?”
“Tony is preparing the quinjet,
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Stony Christmas - Superfamily - Drabble #2
“Yup, this is a Christmas light.”
“Yup and this is a Christmas ornament shaped like a pine cone.”
“Yup and this is — the heck, who hung a pair of handcuffs on the tree?!”
“WHAT?!” Steve yelled, almost dropping the plate with a huge kulebyaka on it. It was a Russian pie with salmon, rice, mushrooms, onions, and dill, and it was one of Natasha’s favorite dishes and a must for Christmas for her.
“Just joking, Steve,” Tony grinned, turning away from the Christmas tree, holding a small bundle in his hands. Peter smiled toothlessly as if understanding the joke, while Steve sent his husband a harsh look. He already was in the middle of Christmas chaos, trying to prepare everything before the rest of the team arrives, and Tony was supposed to take care of Peter, giving him enough time for preparations. Seemed that Tony couldn’t do that.
“Still, it
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Happy Birthday to me!!

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